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Name: Violet

Age: 124

Species: Spirit (anthro cheetah)

Abilities: Running and archery

Personality: Quiet, usually speaks when directly addressed, but not always.

Fun Facts/Backstory: She has been trained in archery since she was a cub, and at the spirit equivalent of the age of 18 she went to explore the world.

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RP: The Hargrove Murders

Name: Maxwell "Max" Spellman

Age: 31

Species: Black Cat

Build/Height: Both average

Personality: Detail oriented/paranoid

Occupation: Detective

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RP: The Hargrave Murders

Name: Alexander Mathers

Age: 20

Species: Utonagan.

Build/height: Average.

Personality: Curious, intuitive, and a bit stubborn and bold.

Occupation: Freelance journalism, plus a few odd jobs on the side.

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RP: Prison Keys
Name: Ronce Fleur
Age: 479
Gender: Female
Species: Spirit - Kitsune


Appearance: Shapeshifter, with three common forms. 
1st: similar to a regular fox, but with gold fur prominant, white chest fur, red eyes, five tails, and larger than any regular member of Vulpes vulpes l.
2nd: An anthropormorphic version off the former, when wearing clothes in this form they tend to be open and limited to coats / jackets of various sorts. She usually wears white clothes.  She usually makes this form around 5' even in height.  
3rd: A more human-like form, though she keeps her tails and ears despite knowing that humans are able to tell immediately what she is, as well as her distinctive red vulpine eyes.  She appears in body structure like a more traditional slender human female of french ancestry, with pale skin.  She usually takes a height of around 5'4" in this form. She wears more clothing in this form, though they still tend to be loose fitting. 


Personality: Bubbly, mischievous, light-hearted, hopeful, overly trusting, caring, nymphomaniac.


Skills: Being born not long after the seal broke, she is familiar with several objects of what humans had formerly been able to make. She has practiced to defend herself, not only through the kitsune's natural born talents in illusions, she has also trained to a high proficiency with bows, and is able to hold her with most humans and spirits with a blade, but she is by no means a master of the sword. Her greatest skill, however, is in the manipulation of fire, both in the forms of kitsune-bi and in weaponized forms. While intelligent, her curiosity, mischief and trusting nature tend to get her into trouble, which has led her to learn to defend herself to the degree she has, albeit she's stubborn in idealistic thinking. She also has learned a trick to store items in hyperdimensional space, which while keeping them safe from mortals and allowing her free movement without having to truly "carry" her things, they are pretty much free game for any intelligent spirit who decides to look there to grab, as she only has basic wards on her items, which mostly amount to a few seconds at best of time before they can be taken by someone else, and an alarm that lets her know it's happening.


Possessions: Oak-copper-sinew-resin composite recurve bow (similar to Mongolian recurve bows, but utilizing copper as a replacement for horn.), a hand-and-a-half two edged sword (European), a falcata-like shortsword, several daggers, a set of marbles, various outfits, a necklace with a single round gem on it, A couple of boxes filled with several trinkets mostly small things she's found on her travels. A white box which she stores food and spices in. A quiver of oak shaft arrows with barbed steel heads.


History: Born shortly after the seal was broken. Growing up around one of the few spirit tolerant groups of humans in France, along with some peace seeking spirits and a local deity who tried to shield the immediate populace from harm, her peace was shattered not fifty years afterward as spirits, still enraged with all their perceived harm done to them by humans, destroyed the town she grew up in. After this, she perused a nomadic lifestyle, learning what she could, including several languages, including written. She had a habit of getting herself into trouble with her various antics, though none with intended malice, which has led to her to have a reputation in several towns and a couple stories told by traveling bards about her, mostly of her stealing husbands, stealing small shiny objects, and some rather wild antics when she gets drunk. Despite all this, she truly is more good natured than anything else, and commonly will help mortals or spirits in trouble, despite how many times her doing so has backfired, she still remains in a mostly innocent mindset, believing if she doesn't hold to it then how could she change things for the better otherwise? Nearly 500 years after her birth, nearing the place of her birth, she has heard of mortals having formed a kingdom, encompassing her place of birth and the lands surrounding, including one formerly great human city which they plan to once more make their capitol.

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My character...

Name: Amaroq

Roleplay Setting: None at the moment.

Age: Estimated to be somewhere in his twenties biologically, but his actual chronological age is unknown.

Gender: Cis Male

Species: Wolf/Phoenix/Kitsune

Build: Lean and somewhat muscular. Has a slightly feminine frame.

Height: 1.828 meters.

Mass: 81.646 kilograms (hollow bones contributes to lower-than-average mass).

Eyes: Avian, Sapphire Blue*

Primary Fur Color: Black and very Dark Grey

Distinctive Markings: White* tips on his ears and tail, and a complex white* geometric pattern on his back.

Backstory: Born to a wolf father and a kitsune mother, he was cast away at the age of four just prior to his home being destroyed. When he was at the age of 6, his mother vanished without a trace, and joined a gang out of necessity. He was later arrested, and sent to a prison colony on the other side of known space.

This is when his life took a major turn of events, when a star exploded. This destroyed the ship that he was on, killing him in the process. However, he awoke a few months later on the the other end of the galaxy after being resurrected by a phoenix, and in the process became a half-phoenix himself. He also developed partial amnesia, since was dead for so long.

He lived with said phoenix for a few years before he was banished due to being part kitsune (even though he has no knowledge of this), and following his banishment became a mercenary as he began a personal quest to rediscover his past and to find out what happened to his parents.

Personality: Shy, tries to hide his emotions, and has a terrible sense of humor. He upholds values of personal freedom, and will fight anyone --to the death-- that tries to take said freedom away from the innocent. At times, he can be a bit clueless and somewhat reckless. He also does not frequently make very smart decisions on his feet, despite have an otherwise high IQ. He enjoys having fun despite never having any free-time.

He refuses to believe in predetermined fate, and should somebody tell him that (purely hypothetical scenario) he is the destined to be the sole savior and protector of the entire universe, he will automatically dismiss that as a fabrication to gain his trust.

- - - - - - -

*These will glow and change color depending on certain conditions.

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RP: Almost any RP that takes place on Earth (or parallel Earth)


Name: Rice Waffle (Serial No. A69MCV147)

Age: roughly 22, approaching 23

Sex: Default is male, but can change sex if necessary

Species: Advanced Android Vulpine

Height: 175 cm (5'9")

Mass: 60 kg

Eyes: Amber

Fur Colours: Yellow-orange, brown, white


Backstory: Born in an unknown time and place, this android is far more advanced than current technology and likely comes from the future. At the age of four, his curiosity got the better of him and he accidentally piloted, and subsequently crashed, an old time machine in 1996. Thanks to a bizarre malfunction in 2001, he no longer has a wealth of information in his databanks, instead sporting only basic knowledge of his past and the history of Earth.


Skills/Abilities: Rice boasts the ability to shapeshift into anything he has ingested a DNA sample of, as well as the ability to splice ingested DNA. Another ability he possesses is the ability to use anything he eats as fuel, breaking it down at the atomic level into usable energy. He can also use a compartment in his belly to rearrange a substance into something else down to the atomic level, though this is limited by the space in his compartment and the number of protons, neutrons, and electrons in the item inserted (for example, only putting in a hamburger will result in small pocket knife). If he takes in enough energy, he can use it to leap through dimensions into alternate universes, but the amount of energy required is so absurd it's NOT a practical ability.

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Name: Ness

Age: 22

Height: 5'5"

Species: Wolf

Physical Characteristics: Light brown fur; Blue eyes.

Personality: Stays in a human form most of the time with his busy human life. When he is in his Wolf form, he is extremely lazy and does not have a care in the world. If someone touches him or his family, they never make it out unscathed. He can also change form into any non-anthro animal as he pleases, but the only anthro he can turn into is a wolf.

Past: Ness was a normal human until he got in a fight. Afterward, he started to transform and realized the fury inside of him. He is typically a leader.

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RP: ????

Name: Nate

Species: Fox

Age: 27

Height: 5'7"

Weight: 163

Visual characteristics: Accurate Representation of What it looks like\

Accurate representation of him^^^

Personality: Extremely stressed with college, sports and homework. When he isn't doing the above, he is extremely lazy. He is a family man who looks out for his friends and family. Is usually peaceful but can be hostile if need be.

Past: Never knew the furry inside him until one night, he was so stressed, he transformed into an anthro fox. Now, he lives a double life as both a human and an anthro. He has found his pack, and would do anything for them.

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