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Guest daxx0r

RP Character Profiles

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Guest daxx0r

To make the RP's less messy to look at and ensure it's easy for everyone to find information about the different characters in an RP, we encourage you to post your RP profiles here.

You can have as many characters as you wish, but if you decide to add more characters, please edit your post instead of simply posting another reply to this topic. It will make the topic easier to browse through.

In case you're having trouble with deciding what to write, a general guideline for creating a profile could be






Visual Characteristics


Of course, you can add or remove from this list as you wish


So let me start this off by adding my first character.

RP: Meteoroid

Name: Ketsu

Species: Bengal Tiger

Age: 27

Height: 6'1"

Weight: 135 kg (average tiger weight)

Visual characteristics: well kempt, fit

Personality: Brave nature, always tries to look at things from the bright side, and often puts on a smile, even in bad situations (if only to make others feel more comfortable). Dedicated and tenacious, but also quite stubborn. Is a leader, and always tries to come across as strong on the outside, though he sometimes doubts himself on the inside. Resourceful and can keep his cool in tough situations.

Past: Comes from a rather large town, somewhere in asia, and was raised by his parents alongside four brothers whom he loves dearly. At age twelve, he was sent away to school and didn't return home until in his early twenties. Having learned to take care of himself, he moved away from home and settled down in another part of his home town, where he became a town guard, doing everything from searching the forest for missing animals, to patrolling the streets for thieves and robbers during night.

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Guest Dusty

Never seen this done before O.o

RP: Metoroid

Name: Benjar

Species: Lion

Age: 22

Height: 5'8'

Weight: 180 lbs

Visual characteristics: Strong, weather-worn, and scared

Personality: Logical and to the point.  Loves to debate with anyone who will listen

Past: Grew up in the area near modern day Spain.  His extended clan are a group of nomadic traders who wander looking to see there goods and services.  At the age of 9 he began basic schooling and learnt mathmatics and basic reading from his father.  He took apprenticeship at the age of 12 with his carpenter uncle.  He never really liked the life of constant movement.  Evrey time the group would stop at a town he couldn't help but start to make friends who he lost contact with when the clan left.

After a bitter argument with his father when he suggested he go his own way and settling down he left camp ready to forge his own trail.  He was nineteen at the time.  He slowly made his way towards where he is today.  Taking odd jobs.  Building a house here, working on a farm there, till he arrived in this little village.  He quickly settled down as work was plentiful.  He however recieved news that his family was moving this way.  After a night of thinking he decided he would have too leave or risk starting another fued.  He was on his way out of town when he heard alot of noise at the town square....

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Guest Orlith

RP: Children of the Cosmos

Name: Rehka

Age: 20

Height: 5'4"

Weight: 150 lbs

Species: Red Panda

Visual Characteristics: typical red panda colouration, shabby old used clothing.

Personality: Happy and bubbly,  loves to care for others.  Appears ditsy at times, but frequently surprises people with how intelligent she can be at times.

Past:Grew up as an only child with no knowledge of her powers, she lived and played happily, exited for the adventure to Earth when the decision was announced.  She spent much of her time before Earth caring and tending to others, and through experience and and ever present desire for knowledge through books, she became a skilled healer.

RP: Meteoroid

Name: Rehka

Species: Red Panda

Age: 25

Height: 5'4'

Weight: 150 lbs

Visual characteristics: Messy, usually has scorch marks on her, fur has typical red panda colouration

Personality: Eccentric and inventive, but kind and tries to be helpful whenever she can, she tends to over think things and is always searching for a new thing to invent, can be quite sensitive.

Past: She grew up in the outskirts of a city in the Europe area as an only child. Her home was a strong one, carved from the rocky cliffs on a riverbank.  Her parents never discouraged her desire to invent and play, they lived far enough away from others that it would not disturb anyone.  She later inherited the home when her parents decided to downsize and move to a smaller 'adult only' community within the city.  She was well schooled, and was often though to be trying to live 'outside nature' and was often scorned and ridiculed for her passion to invent.  She shrugged it off as best she could, knowing someday she would invent something that would make everyones lives batter, closer to nature than ever before.

RP:Special Weapons And Tactics

Name: Rehka

Age: 20

Weight:150 lbs

Creature: Red Panda

Visual Characteristics She stands 5'4" in both human and were forms. Her senses of hearing and smell greatly increase in were form, she becomes more stealthy, and can climb anything as easy as walking. She becomes fully panda, though she walks upright, and has thumbs. In human form she has shoulder length red hair, the same colour as her were panda form's fur.  Through years of rigorous mandatory exercise from living with her parents, she was fit and lean.

Personality: Shy and reserved, but always willing to help. She see;s everything she does through to the end.  f duty, she enjoys hanging out with others, and can be quite energetic around people she knows, but is shy towards strangers.

Past: Born into a military family, she felt an obligation to join aswell. She tended towards non violence all her life, and set to work becoming a medic. She was trained quickly once discovered to be a were, and can control her transformation with ease.

Specialty: Medic

Reference red panda pic: http://general.sc35.info/artlists/redpanda.jpg for those of you who don't know/can't remember/ think a red panda is a made up animal ;)

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RP: Children of the Cosmos.

Name: Hartew

Height: 6'1 and broad with it

Weight: Heavy.

Age: 19

Species: Horse, but can be surprisingly graceful. Watch his aikido.

Colours: Black with White blaze, hands and feet

Personality:Pragmatic. Optimistic, generally thinks things through occasionally reckless. Hates to see

people miserable. Likes flowers and fighting but hates, absolutely hates hurting people.  Drinks a

surprising amount of tea.

He's been on the run a long time and is very wary of humans. Once he's made up his mind he'd do

anything for his friends, human or furry. He really is happiest when there's a good leader to follow, but he's

coped on his own for ages, so he has become quite self reliant...but he secretly longs for affection.

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Guest kylr23

maby I should redo it



look:has a verry nice brown pair of pants he hate whereing a shirt because he thinks there is no need for it.

past:A fox suffereing ammesia he trys to set out on a adventure to discover who he was in the past. Though he rembers little aboult being human he cant remeber any thing else besaide the fact he wa on a ship it sunk and god saved him and erased his memories.

He is a driffter moving to town to town but he like to sudie some cool things some say hes a mad furry sciencetist.

persionality:Verry cool headed in times of need Kyle timeing is spot in he has a strange ability to know a way with out even knowing as in he is a foxy compus eather that he has a great sence of direction. He's also helpfull when some one needs help he will do it dumb or not.

random fact: Kyle tends to use branches as a way to cut down leaves in a dense forest. Some times when he wakes up he yells one word Lilo. (off topic:Right now no one know which Lilo im talking aboult.)cs:But he has no idear who she is..

is that better?

edit new guy

rp:Pirates of the sky

Name: Captain Jack Morgan


age: 23

looks:think of captain jack sparrow except he has a brown robe and gray pants.

personality:very witty when in sticky situations but his love to fight is a very good thing to him. some times likes to drink

job:captain of the USS Salvation.

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Guest bun1

RP:winds of change



POWER:pyrokenesis, healing



DESCRIPTION: fox colored fur, white chest,normal black feet and hands, one black ear other is the same color a fur, green eyes, 3 foot tail with a black end. clawlike fingernails and pads on hands, digigrade feet with pads and claws. his hair is green, before the change it was brown and after the change it became white but he died it pre change. hes not very big but much stronger than he looks.

PERSONALITY: very intelligent but somewhat absent minded. tends to ramble off on tangents and loves to watch stuff burn. hes an pessimist but it wont stop him from doing something stupid. loves to fight and is stupid enough to take on people 3 times his size.


this is my character...i kinda dont like the name but i cant think of anything else right now, i'm also waiting for a good time to bring him into the story.  >:o

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Guest kylr23

ok maby I should re do kyle a bit.

Name: Kyle(the real me)

type:will be protrayed as a human somtimes a fox dependin on the rp

background: He lived in maine all of his life seen ohiop florida and other places as well. He is a local high school student and a high school in the town of saco. His memory is a bit dull somtimes because he tends to froget things(yes that it a true). He also has a hearing loss in bolth ears so he says what allot.

(*please note the br will change slightly depending on the rp adventure*)

looks: 5ft,9in and aboult 118 lbs Kyle has dirty blond hair and has some facal hair. He always wears jeans and most of his shirts are just plain(colored striped ect) or has some logos slogans and one video game shirt.

Invertory(the thing he carrys once more this will change depending on the rp adventure)

back pack,jurnal,Cd player with extra batterys, 3 cds cd 1 has the hypno files cd 2 has and songs that he would insert during the rp adventure, and one is blank.

magic(wind of change if I was in it):none

norm shift(no)

thats it I would use him if it wernt for the fact i cant go any where in here now except my own thread >:D. o well

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Guest lobolito

RP: Winds of change

Name: Nick Valentine

Age: 22

Power: Type shift, ??? (see description)

Animal: Malamute**

Degree: High-mid range

Description: Nick, a musician from a long line of Italians, was always the fat kid in school up until the Change struck. Upon transforming, he lost all of his weight problems, though not the gentle personality that they had given him. He loved his new form, until he discovered that it had robbed him of his singing voice. For a while, he became very depressed, until he learned of his type shift power. He discovered that by shifting into another canine, specifically a daschund, his voice returned. Unfortunatley, fate was cruel again, for his voice is that of a dramatic baritone, and as his only singable form inspires nothing, he is reduced always to light comic operatic roles, instead of the dramatic ones he craves. He always claims to have two powers, but no one, not even family knows what his second power is. He discovered it shortly after his type-shift, but does not speak of it and normally changes the subject if someone brings up powers. As a malamute furry, he stands about 5' 8", with a 3' curved tail. His fur is white and dark grey, his eyes, more human than dog, his hands and feet almost true paws. His insticts are extremely benign, and he  has no difficulty with them.

Personality: Though most people would never know it, because of his bubbly, personable bearing, Nick is extremely worried about what people think of him, and usually languishes about his problems in private. He is well liked, but has his fair share of enemies.

Norm-shift: yes

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Guest SpottyPhin

RP: Special Weapons And Tactics

Name: Ivan Drakonovich

Age: 20

Height: human: 5' 7"

    lizard: 7' 9"

Species: Komodo Dragon

Visual Characteristics: Has 'Maly Drak' tattooed across his shoulder-blades. When in human form he is typically seen wearing an infantry helmet, camo pants, tac vest, utility belt, combat boots, and a bandoleer of grenades. Typically carries a USAS-12 combat shotgun, a pair of APMs (think claymores), five or six demo charges, lots of DetCord, and several varieties of grenade.

Past: Soldier in the Czech army. Later transferred to the US Marine Corps for 'special' training. Not much else is known about him. (Backstory still under construction)

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Guest Kria-Chan

RP: None as of yet

Name: Kria Metrolier

Age: 32

Height: 7' 5"

Species: Drakonian/Wyvern

Visual Characteristics: Tall, sinewy, and lean, kria is a sight to behold to the regular viewer, a seven foot five maned and furred dragon, hir sapphire scales giving hir a deep blue sheen.   Hir fur is a striking silver in contrast to hir deep blue scales almost making hir shine in the night and glimmer in the daylight.

At a glance you wouldnt really see hir wings as thier tucked into hir back quite well under hir mane and fur but whe shis angry, supprised, or getting ready for flight shi unfurls them to full thier full width of almost 15", against a light source thier transparency shows giving them a baby blue coloring instead of the deep midnight blue of usual.

Past: Kria doesnt have much of a past, hir few years as a shild were spent helping hir little siblings, they had hatched a couple years after hir and shi had been the only herm in the family but by the age of 3 shi was already a vicious hunter on the field and could bring in a deer by the age of 6, by the age of 9 shi was hunting small cows and larger elk for hir younger, they could hunt on thier own but not always to feed themselves.   When kria hit hir eleventh birthyear in the time of cold, shi had had to leave the nest one night to look for more food, kir had gotten the last gob of meat when shi wasnt looking and Tal was still whining for more along with mew and kira.

Shi was out and hunting for a large elk this week and had found a small bunch moving up the western ridge of the mountains in search of larger feeding grounds due to the coming winters frost, a half hou after spotting them shi had killed a large  buck and was coming back to the next only to find it was entirely empty, but in the dirt outside the next their were tracks, and lots of them.

Upon later findings shi would find out that hir sibling had gone out in search of thier own food as shi thought now, but kira and Tal had gotten cought up with a brown bear, an unfortunate accident but not hard to get around, but tal had made the mistake of trying to fly away only to get to a swipe from the bear ending him there.  Kira wasnt as fast and was trying to back away from his dying brother but got an even stronger swipe to the head breaking it instantly and leaving the little hatchlings as the bears next meal.

Kir and mew had found a food source but in a most stupid place, a small valley village near the north river, a Human village, it wasnt long before they were found and wrapped, thier claws covered in cloth and thier muzzles and wings strapped to thier sides.

A few hours later thier necks were snapped and thier scales stripped, the village had a few more special commodites.

(To be finished later)

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RP Lost empire

Name: Luke

Sex: male

Age: 22

Height: 5’6”

Weight: 110lbs

Powers: Unarmed Combat (+2) Speed (+2) Healing(+1) Extraordinary Sense -Vision +1

Drawbacks: Strong Animal Instincts (-1) Phobia -Fear of heights/flying. (-1)  Tolerates enclosed spaces.

Animal: Hawk (Avian)

Degree: 80%

Description: Grey backed and white feathered,  If you’ve seen the hypogrif in Harry Potter you’ll know where I’m starting from. Marsh harrier feather patterns. Taloned feet, but they really don’t slow him down at all.  Hands of a surgeon, with a grip like death.  He can see anything short of invisible at any distance in clear air, but now reading out of books is a bit of a strain.

Personality: Direct, Decisive,  but Caring.  His reaction times are fast, and  it takes a conscious effort to delay between what he thinks of doing and what happens, good or bad. He does not make hasty decisions, but does make them very fast, and sometimes lack of information can cause him to make really bad decisions. Fortunately does not really suffer from guilt. He really cares about people. An ideal front line healer.  He’ll help all those he can, but god help those who get in his way.


Pre shift

Height: 5’7 ft

Weight: 140lbs

Personality: Loves to read, and would probably regret all the time spent intently researching random things in the library. He’s missed more than one or two classes just because he’s been caught up reading about the most random of things. He has a head full of information from big business, to the inner workings of a shrew.  To not know something is a physical pain to him  Between books he’s quite sociable. He accumulates all sorts of information, and finds secrets irresistible.

Hair color: Brown

Eye color: Green

Description:  Maybe a little paler than average collage student

Bio:  Luke is supposed to be studying ecology, but he is not an A type student. He’d probably do better if he focussed his attention more on his own course, but where’s the fun in that? This latest development about the tablet fascinates him.

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Guest Masada


Name: Masada

Age: 22

Creature: Cheetah

Specialty: Melee, scout

History: He changed to a cheetah for the first time when he was about 13. His parents discovered it when they found him changing back. They kicked him out of the house because they thought he was a freak. (I know, hard parents) So, he has lived by himself by them, and in the hard world he gained the ability to silently terminate people so he could rob them. When he was 20, they arrested him, and he got the opportunity to use his ability if he joined the army. It was that, or a long time in jail. He spent 2 years in the army, and due to his ability, he now is in the STPU.

Description: In human form he is an arrogant man with almond-shaped brown eyes that are like two bronze coins. He has thick, curly, very long hair has the color of varnished wood, and wears it in a severe, practical style. He has a tanned skin, nearly-nonexistent eyebrows and a small mouth.

In cheetah form he is about the same height, about 5.7 feet, and stands on two legs and has thumbs. He gains speed and eyesight. He has a belt where he holds two knifes and a special designed small earpiece with mic to communicate.

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Guest Yorrick

*Cracks Knuckles*

Alrighty. This isn't a furry character, at least, not yet. I'll think of the furry side to him when we get there.

RP: The Furry Round Robin

Name: Captain Hagen "Reaper" Grimm

Male, Caucasian Human. 24 years.

Backstory- Hagen was born into a well-to-do family on the Summit Hill of Saint Paul, in the United States. His grades were never the best but he got by, earning the love and respect of his family. From his grandfather in the Black Hills he learned the ways of the Native Americans; the hunt, the track, to shoot a bow and build a fire.

Much against the wishes of his parents, instead of going off to some prestigious college he accepted a commission into the Marines. At the time America was engaged in yet another third-world scrape, and Hagen quickly earned a battlefield command. Beginning as a young Lieutenant he led his platoon into a deathtrap in the mountains of northern Pakistan. He survived, but only as a prisoner of war.

What happened next is anyone’s guess, but what is known is that he eventually escaped, and was re-assigned from one front after another, always in the thick of things, never having too much time to relax; serving a total of seven years, surviving countless rear-guards, IED attacks, and general slaughters. He has earned for himself a reputation for cold efficiency in the field, honing a sound tactical mind. This, coupled with his obvious name, led to the call-sign "Reaper". He never rose through the ranks, however, always preferring to lead his men into the next firefight from the front. The most he ever earned was Captain.

Whilst in the Corps he came to the so-called ‘furry fandom’, using it as a way to escape the daily pressures of his life. He never took it too seriously, prefering it merely as a convenient means of talking to the outside world while avoiding his military life. The way he saw it, he could talk about himself indirectly, as if his fursona was another person looking at him. Perhaps this meant he was finally suffering from a long-overdue PTSD break, but he always kept it to himself, and his performance never suffered.

Now, after seven long years of war, Captain Grimm is coming home…

Physical Description- The man before you stands at nearly two meters in height, but to show for it he has not as much bulk as you would think. He has a lanky, athletic frame that is more of a taut fitting than a large muscle mass. His eyes stare with a cold intensity, and he looks as though he is waiting for something bad to happen, his eyes twitch, muscles tight, head turned, as though he can hear trouble coming from a long way off. This is the look of a predator. 

Height: One Meter Ninety Centimeters

Weight: Eighty-three point Nine Kilos

Personality: Cold and seemingly uncaring, Hagen has learned to keep his company at arms reach. This leads to a focused attention on whatever needs to be done. Seven years of of following orders, however, have left him mentally drifting and unsure of what he wants.

Specialties: Infiltration, Melee, Explosives, Firearms, Languages.

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RP: The Furry Round Robin

Name: Derian "Drysmian" Shad

Species: Human (housecat fursona)

Gender: Male, passable as female

Age: 24

Height: 182 cm

Weight: 47 kg, noticeably more after eating

Visual characteristics: Wraithlike. He gives off an aura of unhealthiness gained from his solipsism and disattachment from the public.

Religion: Unknown. He has claimed at times to be various figures predicted and known by various religions, but this is most likely his liar's streak.

Personality: Oddly antisocial, yet a showboater at times. Has a flair for the dramatic and an anarchist streak. Lies frequently and considers few people his friends. He also effects a sense of naiveté and innocence stemming from his disbelief of other people existing.

Past: Had an uneventful childhood. He was seen as gifted, but this was because he was good at IQ tests. He joined AVEN, the asexual visibility network and swore to help those like him. Later, he entered the furry fandom, where he was known as Drysmian the housecat. He had joined a small subsection of the fandom that believed in using hypnotic files to enhance the furry experience in real life. From then on, he devoted his attention to genetic engineering, wanting to go beyond the mind. He excelled in his field and was quite outspoken. However, after moving to the SSA under political duress, he found that genetic sciences were banned there and promptly became a vagrant.

He was drafted by the SSA through his connection to AVEN to be a subject for the government's homosexuality "cure" research, as he was supposedly repressed with a genetic possibility of homosexuality near 77%. The treatments left him unstable and permanently solipsistic. He was rescued by a member of the then-new Furry Round Robin. He joined after learning that he could aid their combined research.

He is one of the few publicly-known members of the FRR, albeit by his fursona and silhouette only. Despite being fairly low on the team's hierarchy, he is assumed to be the spokesfur, if not someone important. His infamy allows him to make public statements that both protect the civilian identities of the group members and are generally complete lies. He has on various occasions claimed to be responsible for the destruction of Base 63, the swine and avian flus, the second war on terror, the White House Bombings of 2030 and the assassinations of once-presidential candidates John McCain and Al Gore. It should be noted that he was 2 years old when McCain was killed, but the public has officially recognized him as the assassin in that case. He has also claimed to have supernatural powers such as immortality and nature powers, to be completely Asian, Inuit, French, or German at times, to be anywhere from 18 to 56 years old and to have several pasts, many adapted from banned works of fiction such as Repo: The Beginning! and the Discworld series. Of these, none have been proven to have a shred of truth to them, but his comrades accept it nonetheless.

He is still a practitioner of banned hypnosis and has gained minor results. His eyes were genetically modified as well by his comrades, leaving him farsighted and red-eyed but giving him very minor infrared sight. As of the RP's start, he finds Rehka's companion files and will use them eventually.

He has siterips of millions of furry and free-speech websites on a ReDisk memory device and dreams of recreating the Internet, which no longer exists.

Specialties: Recruitment, Persuasion, Computers, Warfare/Battle Tactics

Weaknesses: Physical Activity, Relationships, Eating Competitions

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RP: The Furry Round Robin

Name: Roger McGovern

Species: Human

Fursona: None

Gender: Male

Age: 32

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 190 lbs.

Alignment: Neutral

Visual Characteristics: A rather ragged looked man, with dirty blond hair, and a rough, but short beard.  He has green eyes, tanned skin, and is muscular, but lean.

Personality: Generally an uncaring person, Roger pretty much works for what he things is right, and can be on both sides of the aisle depending on the issue.  He tends to be a loner, and isn't overly talkative with people he cares about, mostly in order to not get attached due to his vagabond ways, and the loss of many people around him.

Past: Born at the start of the New Millennium, Roger lived an average life in a southern suburb, outside of Charleston, South Carolina.  His parents were extremely patriotic, and stereotypical southern conservatives.  They were strict, but strong parents, and the occasional spanking proved to be a good, strong foundation for his strength in touch situations.  He was a teenager when the Advancing began, and remembered that his parents had been strictly opposed to it, joining in in some of the riots opposed to it.  At the age of fifteen, both his parents were killed with SSA soldiers opened fire at the protesters in Charleston.  He was sent to a state run orphanage, and grew up to serve a short term in the military.  He was dishonorably discharged during his fourth after publicly challenging the administration at the time.  For a time he was a violent protester, breaking windows, throwing Molotov Cocktails at police cars, and generally wreaking havoc.  However, a narrow escape from a prison where he was being kept after breaking into a state bank changed him.  He realized that, while the government was wrong, and corrupt, he was wrong in his constant and random strikes.  So, instead he took a job on a collective in Virginia, and worked from the underground, making plots to undermine the administration.  He has been known to work with the so called "US Government in exile" before, however no longer supports many of the open protesters, believing they would threaten his position, even turning them in at times.  Due to some of these arrests, he grew to an overseeing position on his collective, which allowed him to carry a hunting rifle for "the protection of the people" from rioters and troublemakers, despite the banning of personal weapons in SSA territory.

Abilities: Strong, and imposing, he can often scare away people that threaten him.  An extremely good shot, and owns a Reminton Model 7600 due to his "oversight" position on the collective he works at.  Fairly good at throwing knives, and can run for long distances due to his army training.

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Guest Tonya

Hey I found this! I plan on entering my own self later when it feels relevant. But to start with...

Name: Bernard Hussein Shamira:

Species: Human

Fursona: none

Gender: male

Age: 34

Height: 5' 9"

Weight: 160 lbs.

Alignment: Neutral

Visual Characteristics: Undeniably of hindu descent. Wears his unwrapped turban as a belt and keeps his dot in his pocket. A small yet proud statured man. Very quiet.

Past: Bernard had an uneventful childhood, practicing religion loosely in the few temples too public to be destroyed without a massive public backlash that could set the stage of an impending coupe. He learned basic mechanical systems in community college and has kept a decent living working in the Navy annex of the Foxcroft heights until one year before our kickoff date.

Ben supports the last remnants of dying religion and serves as a small beacon of hope to those around him. Unfortunately losing his home in the riots following the outlawing of Judaism has forced him to see the dark side of life, and that light is fading. A large Hindu congregation, a Christian congregation, and Muslim congregation that once served as pillars to his faith in life are crumbling, soon to fall with the rest of the system. His previously open mind has been closing doors to corrupt flock leaders preaching an intolerance he never believed in. (P.S. If you're getting pissy with religion in communist society don't, Russians had a very reverent society in the USSR and while it moved into the shadows for public image Stalin didn't dare annihiliate them for fear of a massive coupe. The crosses came off the churches, but the people kept on praying.)

Strengths: Projecting a peaceful environment, handyman.                              Weaknesses: Can't fight, no shooting experience,

Secondary Character, but big in the FRR so profiled anyhow.

Name: Martin "Reed" Hunter

Physical Characterisitcs, Unkown age, basically a sober version of this guy.http://www.moviewallpapers.net/images/wallpapers/1998/fear-and-loathing-in-las-vegas/fear-and-loathing-in-las-vegas-3-800.jpg

Fursona: German Shepherd

Backstory: Reed kept a successful family business afloat through some of the worst times in history by inviting his fellow fur's into his three apartment buildings in Northwest DC. Due to his charity, and the loving nature of his close-knit group, Martin developed a very paternal, "Hey! What's going on in here*smirk*" kind of personality. He rigged the surveillance in all three apartments to loop old video's, and now serve's as the life-preserver on not only furry, but all non SSA free expression. With the money from black market deals and rent Reed enrolled in college to learn Micro-Engineering and Chemistry, He currently has a bachelor's in both, and hopes to become more proactive in assisting his fellow fur's in a TF virus.

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Guest TheBaldurNoob

RP: The Dead Do Walk

Name: Xilats P. Dert

Age: 20



Xilats was, before the apocalypse, a waiter for a restaurant in California. Now, he's the lowest midclass Wastelander.

He's slowly working his way up, using a Truck given to him by the restaurants old supplier before he died. He's pretty decent at rifles, but dismally poor at handguns and one handed firearms.

Xilats' weapons of choice is a simple knife and a sawed off shotgun, with a retracting clip attached to the stock to allow easy storage on his belt.

He has recently purchased a tactical armored vest, with very light padding, which allows him to carry tools and other equipment around better, and afford him a bit more resilience. The coyote is an excellent driver, and has driven his semi truck for a long time. It and him, combined with natural talent,  move and operate as though they were one, and this close connection has given him the ability to do things with his truck that only stuntmen would try, with and without the trailer. As Xilats is the unoffical seemingly becoming offical leader of the group, his ability to plan things is slowly increasing. He can now plan tactics, though they are crude and "If this, then this." plans.

Xilats has slight hyperthesia, so loud sounds can stun him, and has only avereage strength.

Xilat's truck is an shredded up semi truck, with a strangley better looking sleeper cab, holding, 4 bunks, a sink, and a small fridge. The trailer is filled with ammo, provisions, and stuff for the boss, whenever he gets the chance to salvage. The trailer also holds an atv, salvaged from an early on job.

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RP:The Dead Do Walk

Name: Henry

Code Name (for operations) : Silent Squirrel

Species: Squirrel Furry

Gender: Male

Age: 16

Height: 2' 4"...yes I'm short. What do you expect? I'm a squirrel :(

Weight: 56 lbs

Country of Origin: USA

Visual Characteristics: Small (just because I'm tiny that doesn't mean I'm not tough; peppers they are small but señior they're really hot!), teenager (lazy, girl crazy :-P , ect.).

Past: Grew up in a small, unknown town in Southern California. Surpassed everyone in academics in my childhood and into current life, athletic and extremely fast and can jump long distances, trained in firing guns, is known for being shy and isolated, skilled in repairing eletronics and hacking computers, does not believe in cheating, can never tell a lie, and is a master gamer.

Strengths: Small size allows me to be able to go into tight places, super fast, intelligent, skilled in eletronics, great at escapes being fast and able to leap far, works best in stressful situations, is a great shooter, able to take command of large groups, can hold my own if left alone.

Weaknesses: Can lose control if furious, does not work well with others who slow me down, is not very strong and has problems lifting heavy objects, can be easily distracted by videogames or Super Mario stuff, and cannot tell a lie.

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Guest Yorrick

Role-play: The Dead Do Walk

Name: William

Species: American Coyote


Height: 177 cm

Visual characteristics: Grey-brown fur, slightly more muscular on the right side.

Past: Just a regular furre trying to live a normal life, Bill had recently concluded an extended trip overseas when he came back to his country. Being out in the boonies for so long meant he had little idea of what was going on. He didn’t take it kindly, to say the least.

Equipment: Model 1898 Mauser Rifle w/bayonet, 100 rounds on person, rations, waterskin, cell-phone, ‘ouroboros’ ring, woolen greatcoat.

Quirks, traits and flaws: Tendancy towards over-analyzing and intellectualism, not in the greatest shape but getting there. Cautious, but is tenacious when reaches a decision. Definatly a hippie.

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RP: The Dead Do Walk

Name: Unknown

Nicknames: Reni

Gender: Male

Age: 15 and 3/4

Height: 5' 5"

Weight: 115 lbs.

Country of Origin: Canada

Species: Unknown


Visual Characteristics: Wears mask, cloak w/ hood (enough space to hide a tail, possibly), combat boots, black gloves, NONE of actual body visible

Past: In his former life, all that really is known of Reni is that he was a "rich kid" that didn't like being rich. As the sun set, he snuck out and sleeps wherever he could, as high as he could. On top of construction sites, empty shipping containers hung by cranes not used for years, tall buildings where he could not be spotted, anywhere high up. After the outbreak, he donned his eccentric outfit to hide his former identity to the survivors, as his family didn't do anything to help with the initial outbreak.

Equipment: 9mm Beretta handgun, utility knife

Strengths: Can drive near perfectly, navigating risky jumps with a variety of vehicles. Good balance and spatial awareness. Some fighting experience. Can tackle down most alley animals. Moderate computer cracking skill. Good defensive skills.

Weaknesses:  No real strength. Relies on speed to take down enemies. Shooting skill limited to Duck Hunt, Time Crisis, and other light gun games.

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Alright, I'm going to give this a shot.  Cog's "normal" personality and looks and whatever aren't really nailed down very well at the moment, so I'm kind of making this up as I go.  Also important to note: Cog isn't usually anything like how I'm going to be playing him in The Dead Do Walk, so don't expect that from him in other situations/RPs.

RP: The Dead Do Walk

Name: Cog Cyprian

Age: 22

Height: 5'3"

Weight: 86 lb.

Species: Domestic cat

Visual Characteristics:

-Hair/fur: White fur, a black band in his bangs, a black patch on the left elbow, blue eyes

-Clothing: Tattered jeans, bandanna, ammo belt (worn diagonally across his chest), goggles, pair of belt holsters

-Weaponry: Pair of .50-caliber handguns (think two of these; kept loaded with the numerous clips strapped to his chest), a single sharp kitchen knife

-Other: A small scar on the right palm, gained at the beginning of the Zombie Apocalypse

Past: An avid video gamer from Hardenbrook, Cog spent nearly all of his free time collecting and playing video games of all eras.  He had a reasonably active social life and an interest in tinkering.  These led him to work with his friends on various homebrew arcade cabinets and little trinkets to go with them.  His favorite game genres were FPSs and survival-horror games, and arcade shooters, which he practiced in every spare moment.  On the day of the Zombie Apocalypse, he had organized an all-day gaming event for his closest friends.

However, midway through the party, one of the newly-created zombies forced its way in the door, killing and infecting one of the furs in Cog's living room while Cog himself was in the kitchen getting snacks.  As his best friends struggled to kill the now-zombified monster, it managed to kill both of the remaining two survivors.  Cog, hearing the commotion, grabbed for a knife and accidentally cut himself across the right palm.  The three zombies (they had managed to wipe out the zombie that had infected them before succumbing), mostly weakened by their own struggles not to die, staggered into the kitchen after Cog.  With all the adrenaline his body could muster, Cog managed to re-kill all three of his best friends.  The process left him emotionally traumatized and reticent, and even after procuring a large amount of ammunition Cog still keeps the knife from that day with him, just in case.  He spent the intervening time trying to drown himself in his games to forget what he had been forced to do, but he still found himself having to actively defend his home from attacks on a regular basis.

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Guest Yorrick

RP: Furry Total War

Name: Duke Volpe D'Bergereon

Age: 29

Species: Fox/Wolf hybrid

Height: 5 feet six inches

Weight: 186 pounds

Visual Characteristics: The epitome of his race, Duke Volpe is scarred and predatory. Hazel eyes are mixed with a black pelt and as a habit he wears a miniature chain shirt underneath his robes of state or riding clothes.

Lands: Counties of Wilhelmshaven, Ramsey, and Borsetsshire, which are located in the south-west portion of Albion, close to the Duchy of Brittany. Ramsey and Wilhelmshaven are marked by a deep, flowing river and iron-rich hills, but are seperated  from Duke Volpe's seat of power in Borsetsshire. Borsetsshire is a land of superstitous foresters and dank, foreboding woods. The county seat of Pyrewood itself is nestled in a small valley, overwatched by Keep Elmshadow. The counties themselves are seperated from eachother by the unfortunate lord of Middlewood, who owns two narrow forested, and frankly rather useless counties sandwiched by Duke Volpe.

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RP:Furry Total War

Name:Lord Sicarius Thibault



Hight:5 foot 1 inch

Weight:135 pounds

Visual Characteristics:Lord Sicarius Thibault is almost forgettable in his appearance it would in fact be hard to pick him out from a crowd of his own people on sight, he possess yellow eyes and the same patern of fur that most foxes have, he also possesses the same exceptional reflexes, agility, speed and dexterity like most of his kind, the only physical feature that would cause him to stand out would be the milky cataract leaving him half blind and mostly nearsighted in his left eye.

Lands:While every suggestion is given that Lord Thibault may own some land no record of it may be found, nor can anyone seem to find anyone who might have been to these lands be found, it is always a friend of a friend who knows someone who may have been there once, nor has he ever left the capital for any reason other then to fulfill the king's business.

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