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Twitch, YouTube - This is what else I do

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What else do I do?

The answer to that is actually; quite a lot! Aside from offline hobbies like mad event management and building and running steam engines the online hobbies (and I stress hobbies) are like a lot of people now; Twitch & YouTube!

I must confess it's for enjoyment and that does show when things like work kick off and it all goes quiet for a while. I also thought I best mention it because it explains away (excuses) why I don't spend every waking hour maintaining this wonderful place. I do divide myself quite thinly!
It's great to see the forum so active again by the way but it is super hard for me to get it through my skull that I don't need to read every last word written here.

My 'hub' site is KanThorne.net and that links everything together as best I can because all these little ventures onto the internet are linked together in a few ways.


It would be awesome to see more of the crowd from FM make appearances in the FM Discord as well as just socially on my streams and things. I do love interacting with you guys where I don't seem like the big scary admin guy!

I suppose I should push onward some examples, like clips from my LAN party (Minecraft, I know :dry:);




Or maybe something from YouTube;


Relevant right now!
Now, that is from "Tycoon Tuesday" which is a live streamed thing and, hey, it's Tuesday! Streams are around 7pm UK time (Tuesday/Thursday) for the regular ones in the evenings and then, kind of sporadic from there.



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