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General questions and stuff.

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So I have a few questions.

I am a super busy person with school and sports and stuff so I was wondering

1) How long does the effects of a transformation last?

2) Is anything permanent 

3) will this change the way I think/behave/act in any way?


Basically, I really want to do this but I don't want to effect any I RL stuff.


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Also, I kinda had some dumb questions too.

1) What is a furry?

2) What is an anthro?

I usually do stuff with the transformation parlor and with silver hypnosis if that is any needed info.


So after more research and such, I have decided to stick with animal transformations (found from like The TF parlor or silver hypnosis). I have also decided to look into being a furry. I am not sure where to start, so I kinda need help. I wanna embrace this so yeah. 

Also, if I am a furry, can I do tf's into other animals?


EDIT: I am not sure how to "transform" into a furry so I may just stick with the regular tfs but hey I still consider myself an offical Wolf Furry.

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18 hours ago, hypnoblob said:

i feel like all you are doing is spamming

This has been noted and dealt with. Thank you if you reported the issue to moderators through the proper channels.


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The time of the transformation should be listed in the video. This won't really change the way you behave, as long as you are listening to a safe file and safe hypnotist. A furry can have many different definitions. Its really you think you are one or you don't. I am a furry because I like anthropomorphic transformation. An anthro is like a half human half animal. It is basically an animal with most human characteristics. 

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