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Hello! My name is LumberBot (at least it is online). I have lurked on A LOT of various online furry communities, but this is the first one i have ever actually attempted to participate in. While there does seem to be quite a few hoops to jump through to enter this community, I think it will be worth it, as a furry/hypnosis themed forum does intrigue me, and this place seem strangely safer than some of the other hypnosis sites.

I look forward to participating in this community as best i can, but i will say i am TERRIBLE at communicating online. So if anyone messages me, don't be too sad/mad if i don't message you back, I am probably just scared. Or busy. But probably scared.

Edit: By the way, if anyone has any tips on how to find active discussions on here please tell me. I am looking through the forums (which i am not very good at anyway), and all the topics that appear interesting to me are from months or years ago. I want to hit the post requirement obviously, but do also want to participate in discussions, not just bump dead threads.


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Added a Question, but felt it didn't warrant a separate post.

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Well welcome to FM! (It's actually been a while since I personally have posted here.) It may be safer here because there are certain rules with uploading hypnosis files and all that, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't pay attention to what files you do.

I'm pretty sure you aren't alone with being terrible at communication, many people here appear and only talk a little bit before seeming to disappear from the site. There is a FM Discord if you ever feel confident enough to join that, it is often on and off dead there. But no worries on you not being one to message back all the time.

The forum is on and off dead at times, so finding a topic that isn't dead is kinda tough at times. I think it will be alright if you bump old threads as I'm pretty sure even I have before on many occasions. And if you ever have an idea for a thread that isn't already up, feel free to make one!

Can't wait to hear you around more.

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Welcome to the forum :3

Regarding bumping old threads, if you have something you want to say on a topic, feel free to bump an older thread. As long as it's more than just a couple of words, it's fine by us :3

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