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Looking after The Link of the Week

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It's obvious just from looking that this little community feature has come to a dusty and neglected end.

That's not really where anyone wants it to be but someone, possibly even you, will need to look after this funny or informative weekly gem found on the internet.

Sadly looking after the Link of the Week will come with some shackles attached. It'll provide board mod status on this board thusly making you technically 'staff' and would require behaviours and actions beholding to that across the FM network.

If you're interested in helping keep this community feature alive and believe you can hold up against the stress of such responsibilities please get in touch with me.

Obviously, just because you offer your help doesn't mean you'll be the one who takes on the responsibility of this task. We'll do our best to communicate with anyone who offers and find the best candidate, and to keep in the front of our minds the names of anyone else willing to help the site in more ways than just upholding the excellent conduct you all already do.

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Actually given how this thread was started and left unused for several months, we decided to close it up during a recent reviewing of site features. Sorry about that. :(

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Sorry for the delays!

That's down to me entirely being swamped with prep for the summer country fair season. I'm actually working on the site from mobile during lunch breaks!

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