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Hypnosis vs Subliminals

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I'm legitimately curious what gets better results between subliminals, binuarals, or hypnosis. I see them all over youtube (and tried some) but I never had any real opinion about which affected me most.  I mostly want to know on a scientific level but personal experience is welcomed as well.


Curiosity purely fuels this post so no debate is necessary.


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On a most scientific level, right...

Hypnosis is the process of entering trance and reaching a suggestible state where suggestions can be made and hopefully accepted by the mind so by right this will always be the most effective. Technically the name encompasses the various states brought on by all 3.
Binurals alone are not going to make suggestions and thus not have any deep effect towards such however I will say that used in the background of a speaking hypnotist they can help someone relax. As it varies so much on the person the scientifically proven ability of binurals to provide brainwave entertainment and relax the mind can always be outweighed by the subject just "not liking the horrible noise" and a substitute of some relaxing music can work just as well.
Subliminal messages are a whole new thing entirely. Are you thinking about words flashed on a screen, NLP and mixing words into sentences that are spoken or written or are we talking about a quiet backing track to a file or live session? In all cases every result has usually been 'inconclusive' from what I've found. It's easy to inspire an effect that may already be there (See placement of drinks in cinema film ads to 'inspire' (remind you) to buy a drink or feel thirsty) but to create whole new behaviours or cement new suggestions - well now you need hypnosis there in the first place. That should answer how much use subliminal messages are alone

As per the norm, yadda yadda thoughts opinions and experiences are my own, such and so forth.

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No worries! Don't forget you can always join the Discord server or the IRC to chat with some members live. I'm usually on Discord and happy to talk about all the cool things hypnosis does.

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