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Theory: What is hypnotism

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What is Hypnotism?

Here is the heart of my theory. The full text is on my blog at milnem3.com

My theory is simply this: The hypnotized person, without changing physiological state, gives up their USC Consciousness sense of self to the Dream Observer consciousness and allows the control element to shift from USC-control to the control element of the hypnotist acting in similar role to the Dream Director. One obvious induction method is relaxation and related techniques that “bore” the left brain into giving up control just as we do every night! As we fall asleep, before we go into a later prolonged dream state, we can fall into immediate reverie that is dream-like. I do not have an explanation for other induction methods but they must result in the giving up of left brain control element, “I”, of the USC. In dreaming we switch control to the right brain control function of the Dream Director – “Hypnotist as Dream Director“. That is why its unique messages are often in the visual form of a verbal pun. The right brain is normally verbally challenged when it is driving the point.

There is also a prior write-up at the bottom of Why We Dream


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Ive herd that its like the state of shock; like when something super traumatic happens and someone is guiding you and telling you what to do you just follow it without thought, I guess that could explain how rapid induction works.

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