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What's your favorite furry stories and comics?

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Honestly, comics and stories are what keep me grounded in this fandom. It injects ideas into your brain, and you imagine it happening yourself, and often times reading leads you to enter a state of trance, purely from the hyperfocusivity you have reading the stories. My favorite stories/series are Ravenwolf, Furthia High, Urgent Transformation Crisis, and the Winds of Change. They all involve furry transformation, and have wonderful atmospheres and stories. I'd highly recommend that any of you read them, they're pretty much the big 4 transformation series. Unfortunately the genre is somewhat limited, and good material like this is few and far between. :( And it doesn't help 3 of them are on temp hiatus, and 1 hasn't been updated in 15 years. So what's your guys' favorite stories?

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