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Blog system closure - Sat March 5th

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Unfortunately, we’re having to close down the Blog system at rather short notice. The system will be closed completely after Saturday the 5th of March.

Before this happens, however, we want to ensure that users have a way of keeping a copy of their blog posts. As there is no export option in IP.Blog, this means you will need to save a copy manually. There are two main ways of doing this.


  • The first is to print the page as a PDF - simply print as normal, but when selecting the target printer, choose “Print to File,” select the type of file and follow the on-screen instructions (Note: I haven’t used Windows properly in ages now >.< if this bit is incorrect, please correct me on it :3)


  • The second is to use an addon to screenshot an entire webpage as a single, long image. I personally use Nimbus Screenshot, which can be found for Firefox here: 


and for Chrome here: 


Both have information on how to use them in their descriptions.


There are also many other good alternatives and you are encouraged to look for yourselves at descriptions and information of relevant plugins for your browser of choice.


We will be looking at potentially reintroducing a 'blog threads' forum area instead of the dedicated blog system, if there's demand for it. Apologies for the window to back up your blog being as short as it is.

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Thank you for preparing that announcement for me Sabre, I will add my additions here in my own post to provide further information whilst again apologising to all the members that do still use the system for the extremely short notice.

The reason for the sudden closure is down to costs. Some of you will be aware how much it costs to professionally run a website the size of FurMorphed.com and we took on the challenge of doing so supported entirely by donations alone. This has proven to be a challenge too great for the current calibre of the website.

The subscription costs for the forum software is increased by each plug-in we add to our licence and the decision was made to lower costs by reducing the number. Obviously we need the core software no matter what and we would like to grow the main feature of the site and enhance the downloads. Statistically the blogs are by far the least used section of the website and sadly with the move to the latest IP.Boards also presented issues with functionality wherein the plug-in no longer directly suits our needs. We also now have the status feeds of members that work like a more efficient social network.

The unfortunate short notice is due to the imminent renewal of our licence and it is very likely that the IP.Blog plug-in will be instantly disabled when our renewal does not feature IP.Blog. We will be making full offline backups of the site to preserve the data for the duration of our normal backup cycle.

Just to reiterate the final date to save your data is Saturday 5th March because the licence has to be renewed by the following day and that is as late as we can leave it.

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