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Hello everybody! Thanks for adding me to the website! To be honest, I am not a furry; though I wouldn't mind having the senses and strengths of certain animals, but overall I'm not really into that type of transformation. I am mainly aimed at becoming a half demon like Inuyasha or Nurarihyon, from their respected shows. I've had so much trouble trying to find such a file on the internet, seems like most are demonic possession types which does not sound like a good time. I don't know why someone would want to be possessed, that just sounds like hell.... pun intended. Looking around however I found on wmm a file much like I wanted, but it had been removed. However, the creator had a link to this site and I'm hoping to find out if it's still here; saw on a previous forum that it looks like it is. I also want to find out what other types of files you guys have here. Anyways thanks again for having me, and good luck to all of you with your transformations!:happy:

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