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Unusual (for 'Western' society) instruments

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I thought I'd pop this thread here to suggest the broadening of musical horizons via listening to a wider variety of musical instrument types.

Here are some instruments that have interested me lately that you won't find in an average orchestra:

The Hurdy Gurdy - look up anything by Guilhem Desq (on his solo career) or Arcane Alchemists (the band).

The Zither - beautifully demonstrated in the film, 'Safety Not Guaranteed', alas the Youtube videos I have found of it so far are not a patch on either the performance in that film or the one I was lucky enough to attend at the Bournemouth Arts Festival.

The Harmonium - if you take the New Adventures as canon (you should), The Doctor (Doctor Who) has played one at some stage. Interesting in its own way and popular in India.

Floppy Disk Drives - See Youtube for the marvellous music of the stepper motors and sprung diskette casings.

Dot Matrix Printers - Similar to above, but capable of printing some sort of pattern out at the same time. Louder and a distinct sound.

Synthesia Black Music - Yo dawg, I heard you like musical notes. So I put notes in your notes so you can noise while you noise and oh god how does this still sound like music? (Youtube it)


EDIT: Finally, some of you probably already know of this one, but it's always worth mentioning that a theramin was never eerie enough for Jean Michel Jarre, so he invented the Laser Harp. Building one yourself requires a computer case, power supply, powerful laser, mirrors, a smoke machine and asbestos gloves as well as careful aim and venue choices.

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