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Hi I'm Hypnoflow,

Yeah, the one on FA, and I was on WMM for a while with the name "Flow123". There's some other guy who was going around making obedience/slave files under the name "Hypnoflow" which kinda bugs me. >.>

Anyways, I'm a 35 year old hobbyist who enjoys hypnosis as both a subject and hypnotist. I would love to get around to meeting some more people and getting more comfortable and get into trance or helping others get into trance.

Uh, furry-wise, I'm a tabby. Meow! You can find and interact with me here and on Twitter as @hypnoflow123, kik as Hypnoflow123, and I'm Hypnoflow on FA. Ask me for my skype please.

My interest with hypnosis is primarily transformation files which I would love to experience, but I love watching people get amazing feelings and experiences through trance. I'm kinda jealous.

Anways, HI! 


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