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Forum Software Upgrade - 18th August '15

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Hi all!

You have already noticed (or you're very asleep and somehow still browsing the forums) that things have changed a bit... We've updated the forum software to the next version since the version we were on would go unsupported in January next year.

Don't worry, we haven't jumped on an early version or anything, this update has been pending for a while and the decision was made to push it out now so we all had time to get used to it (mods and members included).

Things will continue to change here and there as we go through and find all the new configuration options, as we update the FMA and other site files and as the index is shuffled around to incorporate new features.

Please let us know of anything you find that you think is wrong, buggy or in desperate need of fixing. Also, please don't hesitate to post 'hey, did you know you can...' style topics.


Many thanks!



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