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I am actually suprised no-one has made a post like this yet. Mostly I am looking at some good webcomics you guys may have found. One good one I have found that is furry-related is one called Twokinds. It has both furries, called Keidran on the comic, and humans. And dragons. And magic. And other stuff. I recommend reading it. Anyone else have a good one they have found?

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Well, to offer a few I've been reading.


I'm aware it's NFSW and not...terribly ideal story wise but because Chalo is an artist that has left an influence on me, and because I've been seeing some improvement with the story (even though more can be done), been checking out Las Lindas. http://laslindas.katbox.net/

Another that I read is Dan and Mab's Furry Adventures http://dmfa.katbox.net/ that I've followed in some form for the last 14 or so years, and, while it's slow building, I'm interested in seeing how things are going to play out.

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