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Binural Beats & MRI Machines

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Odd topic name aside, I had an interesting experience the other day.


For medical reasons, I recently had to have an MRI, which lasted about 35 minutes inside of a very, very small tube that I was slightly too big for. After the initial crippling fear of being put into a giant polo and having my eyes crammed shut, I started finding the loud repetitive noises quite soothing, almost like binural beats.


I hear quite alot of things about binural beats and have a friend of mine that uses them regularly, and I know many use them in conjunction with hypnosis to encourage certain brainwave activity. I've experimented with them before with some interesting results, but it isn't something I use regularly.


After this experience though, I'm quite interested in getting into them. Does anybody have any tips for what frequencies to go for for what experiences, and if I should grab pre-made MP3's or just generate my own? Is there an advantage to either?


I hope a few of you will be able to inform me :D


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