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Fox Cub

Furry Hypnosis at Confuzzled 2014 With JM

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I attending Confuzzled 2014 this year, and as It was my First Convention it seems to have been amazing!

There were 2 Activities that really got my interest.

Furry Hypnosis and Basic how to hypnotise.


First one. Furry Hypnosis, I went not expecting wonders. Not expecting much really as I have struggled with hypnosis myself, I have succeeded in some ways but failed in others so I just thought 'cheap laugh' God I was wrong.

This is where I met a Hypnotist called JM. Amazing lad! made you laugh and used the power of hypnosis to prove its not all fake magic and everything! He started off small making us all comfortable. Then started working on extra things. He tried a method where you had 5 cards and had to just randomly pick a card, However before you picked the cards and at the beginning of the show he had people walk about with a Big blown up version of 1 of the cards, He was trying to put this card in your mind, However when the results were in, It failed. Shame.

Never the less for the last part he needed a volunteer and I was picked! He had to read my mind to find out the word I was thinking, I had to give random words out.

The words I had to use were in a piece of paper locked in a box that someone random in the ordinance wrote when they first walked in, So JM had no idea what they were. There were 3 Words

1. Rain

2. Cats

3. Games

The jammy sod got them ALL! Got every single one correct! I was gobsmacked! He proved to me there that he has earned my respect and he is an amazing Furry Hypnotist! (Even if he had this silly hat with a spinning wheel which looked compleatly bonkers! XD)


The Second Activity was Basic Hypnosis (how to hypnosis someone)

Started with the basic explaining and then we got into the practical part

I paired up with my friend Mylo But before I tried to hypnotise him, I thought 'He does it a lot, I will go to hellbadger and find out his Trigger'

Once I did this and found it out, I started. It seemed to have worked Because the signs started to show. However! I mucked up at the end and he snapped back DARN so close!

Never mind.


After everyone left a few of us were left talking to him about extra bits and pieces. One was the Power to make people go to sleep by hypno. He demonstrated on one of the lads that was with us and by god! After he made him do a small exercise with JM BANG. He was asleep! WOW.

JM has out done himself again and by god he is amazing at what he does!

JM also asked that if we knew anymore Furry Hypno website and Me, Mylo and Hellbadger at the same time shouted FURMORPHED!

Relizing we said this all at the same time we laughed! So I dont know If JM ever made an account on here but If you ever get to meet this man, You are in for a laugh and amazing time! If you have any doubts about Hypno see him, you will reconsider your ideas after meeting him!


That made my Confuzzled the greatest! and the best first convenction I could of ever had!!

(Hopefully the Video will be up soon of me and JM on the first Activity!)



(The Picture is Me on the Left and JM on the Right)


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