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What Movie Would You Be In?

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I just watched Last Action Hero on Netflix last night and it got me to thinking. For anyone who hasn't watched the movie, it's about a fan who gets a magic ticket and gets transported into the world of his favorite action hero. When I was watching it I started to think, if I had such a ticket where would I want to go?


So let's make a game out of this. Here are the rules of this game.


1) You have a magic ticket. You can go into only one movie (even though in the film they could technically go into multiple movies but hey, this is a game)


2) The movie you choose, you join the main character as the co-star.


3) If you choose a movie, you must start by being yourself. You do not take the role of a character already in the movie. For example, in the movie, the fan is just a kid. He's not a cop or anything until he becomes one, but he started off as himself. If you are in the movie Avengers, you will not have super powers but then again, neither does Black Widow, Hawkeye, Nick Fury, or Shield agents)


4) Since you are yourself, you must be human unless humans play no role in the film. If humans play no role, then you must be the species that is the focus of the movie. Ex. Rio is a movie about birds but humans play a big role in the movie itself, thus you would have to be human in that movie. Lady and the Tramp has humans, but they play no major role in the movie so you would be a dog.


5) You have complete knowledge of the movie and know everything the audience would know. (Prequels, back stories, plot points, etc.)


6) You cannot change major plot points in the movie. Ex. If a character must die, they die.


7) Since you are a character, you are not just a bystander. You play a role in the movie. Ex. Characters interact with you. Characters can fall in love with you, a villain could kidnap you, etc.


8) Anything that happens in the movie, happens for real. If you get hurt, you feel it.


9) You cannot leave the movie until it ends. You cannot leave or return to your advantage.


So, what movie would you choose? Where would you like to end up?




Personally, I would choose Disney's The Sword in the Stone. I know I would be a human character in the movie, but since I have to be a co-star, then I have to be with Arthur throughout his adventures. That means that I will be along with him in his lessons with Merlin and take part in them. Merlin transforms himself and Arthur into fish, birds, and squirrels to teach him valuable lessons. See why I chose this movie?




I have always loved the movie and having the chance to take part in my favorite parts in any Disney movie would be great. Plus, even though there is danger in the movie from coyotes and large fish, it's a Disney movie. I would be safe.

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Hmmm.... I think I'd be in Pokemon: Destiny Deoxys. C'mon, who doesn't want to be a Pokémon trainer in a futuristic city? (Besides my anachronistic cousin.) Also, my team would be entirely made up of butterfly and moth based Pokémon, though that shouldn't come as any surprise.

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TRON Legacy. I would totally dig being on the grid.

P.S.: I loved The Last Action Hero... I wonder if anybody on here wants to go into THAT movie. But then you would have a paradox.

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