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Lord of the Scrubs

Voynich manuscript

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I figured I should go ahead and post this interesting video here because I don't think it has made headlines.


For those who don't have the time to watch it, basically a professor believes that he has been able to decode the Voynich manuscript by looking for names of specific things (mainly plants in this case) and using that as building blocks.

Wikipedia because I'm lazy. There's URLs in the video for .PDFs of the book itself.


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Heh, that same comic was as posted as a reponse by someone where I first saw the video.

It's sad solving it though.  I used the manuscript alot in modern settings when running RPGs.


I loved the mystery and the unknown.  It's odd that we are fitting a know(isg) language to it though as cryptanalysis said it shouldn't be a language.  (but there is some odd mapping he is using where two things that are different glyphs are being used as the same char which may have thrown the analysis off).

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