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A Collection of Fools: Kan's LiveStreaming again!

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After taking a break for Christmas which took a few months longer than intended I'm bringing back the old Game Thursday Live Streams on http://www.twitch.tv/kanthorne (Tomorrow from the time of posting, Thursday 13th Feb)


No longer will it be Game Thursday though because our schedule will be a mess because we're just going to be more opportunistic. We might try and keep our regular Thursday slot if the traffic comes.

Examples of what we get up to are on my YouTube channel... but here is a good sample;



Please do come watch, subscribe to the channel for notifications of when we go live or stalk me on Twitter or something. Feedback is always much appreciated (Except down the microphone). ;)


We usually start around 19:00GMT and I hope we can see some of you there though if not tomorrow night then over the following week because my holiday means I'm going to try and stream regularly.



It went well. There was a lot of interaction and fun so I will be doing many more this week. See you all around!

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