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Guest Bushytail

Doing Requests For Short Stories.

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Guest Bushytail

Ok, so i can't draw or make good music, but iv been told i write pretty good. I'd like to do something to give back to the internet that i have lurked for so long. I made a tumblr blog designated for writing free short stories. It's called TallTialTales (TailTales was taken:p ) Id prefer to do the stories on there to kind of get it started but if you don't have a tumblr or don't like it i can post it or send it privately elsewhere. Hope the self plug is ok.

Also, if you want a crazy long story like a book or something ...thaaaats not something i can do for free. And please excuse its not-so-fleshed-out look, im still working on it.


Here is the link for lazy people.



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