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The Freedom Of Form Trilogy

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The Freedom of Form Trilogy will consist of An Atom Of Freedom, Freedom Of Form and an as yet unnamed 3rd book, though the first word of its title may be 'Form'. Form And Function is one candidate name for it.

The original set of names for the trilogy was An Atom Of Freedom, Two Atoms Of Freedom and A Molecule Of Freedom, but I'm not so keen on that now.

Anyway, to business:


LINK: http://www.deviantart.com/download/306516880/an_atom_of_freedom_by_dsdfox-d52hpxs.pdf


Great people go out and happen to the world, they say.

When you have finally discovered something to dedicate your life to, a concept so multi-faceted as Freedom Of Form, and when said concept just happens to conveniently fit with your obsession with anthropomorphic animals, it helps to be just a little bit more organised and to think things through...

Steven Dhai starts off by changing the course of evolution forever. But that's the least of his worries.

(I have now edited this story in line with suggestions made by a non-furry proof reader - as a result, it should make a little bit more sense)

It's 187,548 words long. The first of a planned trilogy. Are you ready?

Grab your modified trousers and digitigrade shoes and get in the Furmobile. You're in for something quite unlike any story you have ever read before.

Disclaimer: that's not to say it's any good. You decide that.

Mature warning: contains drug gang violence (mild to medium), references to very nasty prior-to-story events involving sexual assault (but no direct descriptions of them), several other gritty things, strong language.

And if you see a McEgbert's lorry, don't forget to give it plenty of room and a friendly wave icon_e_wink.gif

The new cover art includes work contributed by http://www.furaffinity.net/user/immortaldragon immortaldragon.

EDIT: http://vulpinedesigns.co.uk/site/?page_id=273 is the homepage for An Atom OF Freedom.

There is now a hardback edition available from Lulu for £26.00 at http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/DanFoxDavies along with a paperback and eBook.


This is a Work In Progress. The section below will be updated when I upload new chapters.

LINK: http://www.deviantart.com/download/364446692/two_atoms_of_freedom_aka_freedom_of_form_chapters_by_dsdfox-d60zcv8

BLURB: 'Things just never seem to be simple for poor Steven. The world's reverberating to the consequences of his actions, celebrations of the successes so far achieved are overshadowed by a foreboding doubt and uncertain future and even the seemingly unstoppable Geneticiser has its limits.'

At long last I've gotten round to making a proper start on my second book, in what I hope will be a trilogy. This is Chapters 0 through 6. That's right, just like at the end of my last book (115-121), at the start of this one you're getting 7 for the price of 6!

I had for a working title 'Two Atoms Of Freedom' but I'm strongly considering changing it to 'Freedom Of Form' as that's a concept explored in the book, a set of words the characters actually say and linkable to the first book and last book's titles in a more clever and interesting way.

Warnings where they are due: like the first book, this one contains mature themes at times, strong language, references (but nothing too up-close-and-personal) to adult themes on odd occasion and lots of stuff that a broad mind is required to be appreciated and understood. I do not hold responsibility for how your particular circumstances of belief, patriotism, knowledge or faith will lead you to interpret my words. Remember these books are all at their most basic, FICTION albeit laden with uncomfortably-close-to-real-life scenarios and people. At least that's my point of view as author. UNLIKE THE FIRST BOOK, this one gets nitty-gritty straight away. Do not show to youngsters unless you've read this for yourself and/or read the first book and are satisfied their brains won't fry. This book's content will be more likely in the end to rate it 18 as opposed to the 17 the previous book got. It depends, however, as my plans are very loose and always will be until I actually write the set of chapters in question. That's just how I roll.

Genre: Sci-Fi and Fantasy, Furry

Setting: Very near future

Place in series: 2 of 3 planned

Expected length: 100 chapters +/-20 and ~140,000 words

Previous book, An Atom of Freedom for comparison:

Genre: Sci-Fi and Fantasy, Furry

Setting: Very near future

Place in series: 1 of 3 planned

Length: 121 chapters and 185,000 words +/-5000

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