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The Wolf Children: Ama And Yuki (Anime)

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I watched this anime movie, and it is by far the BEST anime I've ever seen so far (personally for me that is). Reason being: It focuses around wolves (obviously) and the life of them in a way where the livelihood of two kids get to change whenever they want. How it kicks off made me say "Hell YEAH" when I first saw that change.

If you guys want to check out the anime movie, and share what you've got, then follow these instructions to get it like how I got it:


1) Go to www.Google.com

2) Type in the key phrase "the wolf children ama and yuki"

3) Look for the link that has URL portion saying "anilinkz" and click on it

4) From there, it should take you to the URL site where you can watch the video in Japanese dubbed (English subbed)



1) Just click on this hyperlink to get there just like that: http://anilinkz.com/ookami-kodomo-no-ame-to-yuki-wolf-children-ame-and-yuki

(I post both options because the second option some people had trouble getting to the link when you click on it)

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Guest flareon

That was an amazing movie the ending was so sad but happy at the same time :P

If there is anymore anime like this would you be able to tell me?

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