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Shadow Phoenix

Open Gundam Style!

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So, a certain song's been all the rage. Biggest K-Pop hit ever, some sources say. The music video's very memetic, too. I'm talking about PSY's most recent single, Gangnam Style. A parody of the 'stylish' Gangnam District in Korea, with lyrics that are...actually sorta dull, but with awesome delivery! Anyhoo, you know what'd make it even better?

Spending two weeks on replacing everyone's heads with Gundam heads and stuffing it full of in-jokes.

(Thank you, Katsuhono Productions and /m/, for creating a perfect LOTW while I stared in amazement.)

The actual video's just as hilarious, if not better due to PSY's amazing facial expressions as some points. Also, a few familiar K-Pop artists cameo. But I'm into mecha and I promised to spread the Gundam Style, so that goes first! :3 Anyways, support both artists! PSY's stuff is on most versions of iTunes and Katsuhono just wants you to check out his honestly amazing stop-motion stuff at http://www.youtube.com/user/KatsuhonoProduction/

Bloody YouTube. Until I can find a working mirror for glorious Gundam Style, have this thing made at Anime Revolution. I love Vancouver for more than copious amounts of snow and marijuana now!

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