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Shadow Phoenix

Book Of Pure Evil: Wolfrapewolfrapewolfrape

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Todd and the Book of Pure Evil is an awesome show, so I'm going to try and get people interested in it with a LOTW. How does one interest the furry fandom in an obscure show? Wolf rape! By the way, this is going to be NSFW :3

So, Atticus (best guidance councellor/Satanist failure/antivillain on TV) has a tragic backstory. It's hinted at a few times...and then blatantly told to the audience through song. Twice. No, I don't know how it came up in both musical episodes.

Literally, a musical written by Atticus about himself, with the hero Todd as 'Jeremy' and Atticus as his own father. It's all more or less autobiographical until Angel Warrior comes in and the actual episode's plot kicks in. Also, there's some awesome plot parallelism during the second half.

Much closer to the real thing. Try singing along, it's very cathartic.

Both songs are available on iTunes, as is the show. I think the international relases only go up to season 1, though.

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