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First off, I'd recommend the surprisingly good (but short) Inari, Konkon, Koi Iroha. It also has an OVA that you should watch when you're done with it, it's one of the few OVAs I think feel like they actually belong to the series (like the Blood Lad and Future Diary OVAs) instead of feeling like a piece of crap that doesn't deserve to exist (Elfen Lied's OVA was disappointing).


Also I recommend:


Arashi no Yoru ni (some furs did an English dub for it w/permission from the JP dudes :D)

It's a kids movie but I cried a little <3


Blood Lad

I usually don't like this kind of anime, so I was surprised I liked this one


Blue Exorcist (Manga is better though, IMO)

Great adaptation, but ended WAY too abruptly :(


Dog Days

I usually don't like cutesy kemono-mimi anime, but this has really good characters :D


Future Diary + Redial

You can't finish Future Diary until you watch the OVA, Redial. It's literally 1000x better of an ending than the ending of the actual series. The fact that it's separate really makes me mad.


No Game, No Life

I don't think I need to explain myself. I don't think it's the best thing ever, but it's pretty damn good.


Onmyou Taisenki

This is literally my first furry anime and OMFG it's the best <3


Pokemon - The Origin

How Pokemon's anime SHOULD be. Way to effing short though.


Tegami Bachi + Rebaasu

Amazing, amazing anime that ended too abruptly with too many loose ends. The manga goes on longer and wraps up more things, currently 18 volumes long and anime ends sometime around volume 12-ish with a different ending. Not sure if Rebaasu is Reverse or Rebirth (some translations say both).


Tsumiki no Ie (La Maison en Petit Cubes)

Twelve minutes long. Unending tears from my face. I still can't watch this without crying. ;_;

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Is anyone here watching Nichijou? Also known as My Ordinary Life? It didn't do very well in Japan, but I believe western audiences love it. Myself included. It has so many random, off-the-wall sketches in every episode that I find myself laughing to tears!





Er, I mean... sorry, you said Nichijou and I kinda went full weaboo for a second. I usually don't spend much time with anime, but Nichijou is one of the dozen or so instances where I couldn't stop watching until I had completed it. Nichijou is one of my only five 10/10 anime, along with La Maison en Petits Cubes, the Professor Layton movie, Pokemon - The Origin, and Haruhi (if you ignore the endless eight filler). <3


Nichijou is love

Nichijou is life


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Nichijou has to be the funniest Anime I've ever seen. I was so sad to see it end QQ

Sadly, it had a lot of money go into it and Japan just seemed to not notice its existence, because they made almost no money and had to stop making it. ;_;

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My top 10 anime are as follows:

10. Attack on Titan - I do enjoy the series but I wouldn't put it much higher than this, I think it's highly overrated

9. School Days - I'm about to get some hate for this, but I actually enjoyed this anime from start to finish, and putting it above Attack on Titan might just make someone want to kill me X3

8. High School of the Dead - Although not as much action as I originally hoped for, I really love zombies and apocalyptic situations, so I still enjoyed this one.

7. Hataraku Maou-sama - What's more fun than the Devil getting a part time job in the human world? :D

6. Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka - Watched for the same reason as High School of the Dead, but this was completely not what I expected. Although it was still incredibly well done and awesome.

5. Death Note - The ending bothered me, no spoilers here though. ;) Would have been higher if it weren't for that.

4. Future Diary + Redial - As WaffleFox mentioned above, the OVA fixes the ending, and it's not good unless you watch it, be prepared for not understanding what's going on for a long time though!

3. FMA Brotherhood - Need I explain?

2. Sword Art Online - Sword Art Online II more specifically, but the whole thing is great~ The show has a really good method of developing characters and making you care for them in no time flat.

1. Pokémon - Sue me, I love Pokémon more than anything else in the world X3

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Manga that I'm watching or been watch.
1. Naruto Shippuden (Finished)

2.Fairy Tail (Waiting for new episode)

3. Bleach (Not finished but for a unknown reason this is not an anime that I will watch it all day long)

4. Digimon (Finished)

5. Pokémon (Finished)

5. One Piece (Waiting for ep)

7. Dog Days (Waiting)

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Fullmetal Alchemist is very popular and I found it to be very enjoyable. But for something a little bit more unknown, I recommend Danganronpa. As far as I know, it started out as a video game but they've also made it into an anime. It's a sort of mystery/whodunnit: a group of high school students are trapped in a school by a strange black-and-white bear named Monokuma who claims to be the school's headmaster, and he tells them that the only way to leave is to get away with killing another student, and not being found out during the class trial. As the story progresses you will slowly learn more and more about the school, the other students and some mysteries.


Since I mentioned Fullmetal Alchemist, I might as well talk a little bit about it. I actually prefer the 2009 version, Brotherhood, mainly because it felt less rushed and there was more time devoted to exploring all the different characters and their own stories. On the other hand, the 2003 version has some of the more memorable music, such as Dante's Theme. Both are good but I just felt Brotherhood to be more satisfying.

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Madoka Magicka. If you haven't given this show a try, you're really missing out. It's a magical girl anime that has some very dark and twisted themes to it. Like... Seriously. I rave about this anime to all my friends. Go and watch it on Crunchyroll, Cracked or whatever!

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Sword Art Online was definitely one of my more recent favorites. I have a tendency to get worked up and emotional while watching anime, and I love love love Asuna and Kirito's love for one another! It's very touching~ Makes me wish I had someone to love like that.  :wub:

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I just recently finished both seasons of Spice and Wolf, it was pretty good but the ending left something to be desired. 


I'm a big fan of Miyazaki, and prefer movies to television, so my favorite anime are Laputa: Castle in the Sky, Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind, and Princess Mononoke.

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To be honest, its been a while since I've really really got into anime, but does anyone here like My hero Academia? 

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