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Rules of Roleplay

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Well. It would seem that I'm slipping severely in my duties as the Fun Forums mod, considering how long it took me to notice that the rules thread for the RP section was missing. I'll punish myself later, but in the meantime I will outline the rules for RP'ing here. Please note that while some rules can be re-interpreted by the game masters of each RP in their own games, the basic ones never change.

1. Do not god mod in a game.

This is a case of where a player is caught fiddling with the game world without the permission of the game master. This includes being able to inexplicably pass obstacles, having unreasonably overpowered game breaking abilities, and controlling the characters of other players.

Some exceptions to this can occur, such as being granted permission to control another player's character for a period of time, and gaining more powerful abilities as you progress through the RP.

2. Do not meta game.

I think this is the term used for this definition, but don't quote me on that. Meta gaming involves your character knowing everything that you know, as if they were sitting next to you and reading everything on the screen. In a sense, it can be considered another form of god modding. This could potentially allow your character to brush past sequences like they were nothing, or make deductions involving factors that they either weren't around for or couldn't have possibly noticed. While some scenarios can make this possible, it's generally looked at as a bit of a bother by other players, and is generally best avoided.

3. Stay in character.

It's called the Roleplay board, so you will be expected to play your role. In cases where you need to add a small out of character note to your post in order to explain or inquire about something, place it in a set of parenthesis for sake of convenience. Anything beyond that, like suggestions or potential quips is best taken up in the RP Discussion Board.

Also, the way you approach your character's point of view is merely a matter of preference, so it can be either first person, third person, or even second person if you want (or, much less, figure out how). Just make sure what goes on in the post will be clear to the other players.

4. Keep any potentially mature content to a minimum.

This is a public board, available for public viewing. This means anybody, member or guest, can see what's posted here. Therefore, it is most advisable that any content in any of the RPs is kept suitable for younger viewers as well. This includes gore, foul language, mature content, anything considered explicit, please try to keep it at a PG-13 rating at the most. Anything considered unavoidable in terms of the RP should be kept in an "implied" status.

5. Have fun!

All right, I had to post a sappy rule like that at some point. But yeah, there's a reason the RP's are in the Fun Forums. They are here for a good time, so take advantage of em'. Whether your character be a human or an anthro or whatever else there is, all are welcome in the RP board!

Also, in lieu of recent events, I must make an addendum to the rules involving the absences of players and game masters. If a player is going to be absent for a lengthy period of time, please inform the game master so your character is put on hold in terms of gameplay. If a game master is going to be absent for a lengthy period of time (lengthy meaning in measurement of months), the remaining players must elect a temporary GM until the official one returns. This same case applies if a GM is absent for a lengthy period of time, and hasn't made any plans for a replacement known to the remaining players. This is so games may continue to operate smoothly in the absence of their players and game masters.

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For some weird reason board mods don't have pinning power. Although since Sky can maybe I'm the only one that can't. I'll ask Kanibal about it.

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