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  1. While I haven't had much success, I'll say that the overall experience while listening to a file is pretty nice. So currently when I have the time, I listen to the file to only enjoy the 30 minutes or however long the file is, should I start getting more permanent results, that would be a very BIG bonus :D speaking of, been a while since I last tried a file...
  2. Furry/animal Tf Games ?

    Vivisector: Beast Within is an interesting game that revolves around the Island of Doctor Moreau book, you play as a soldier that's been dropped in to investigate a disturbance on the island, but things go awry and soon you find yourself fighting humanoid animals, armed to the teeth, so to speak. The game doesn't show any actual TF, and is sadly not available on Steam, however, if you manage to find a copy somewhere, I'd suggest giving it a try. It's a pretty decent shooter. If you get it on disc and run Windows 7, just be sure to go and look up a few patches, they used the Starforce DRM, and that thing refuses to work with modern OS's >.<
  3. Found this site when looking for furry hypnosis files seems that's the case with quite a few people hehe
  4. Species?

    Hmm, I like most canines. Hence why my kistune fursona has the ability to switch between breeds. I hardly go out the boundaries of canines but will sometimes change into other things like an otter, mouse etc. As long as it looks fascinating enough
  5. Hello static foxy :3