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  1. You can call me Jess

    Welcome to the site Jess.
  2. New blood

    Welcome to the site. I do hope you enjoy the stay here. I got in here because of transformation myself, so you're in similar company.
  3. Hello all

    oh, it's fine. I didn't even notice Have a good stay.
  4. The Permanant TF files

    Permanent files (as compared to "normal" files) are designed to be more permanent by nature. Even if they have triggers, they're meant to reinforce changes, so that you become more and more like what's in the file's description. Theoretically, by the time you listen to a permanent file long enough, you'll fully feel like the animal/whathaveyou that's in the description (Even though, realistically, nobody really gets that far and your brain will snap out and default back to human outside of trance). Trigger/normal files by default are more "temporary", so that you can have fun being a cat/fox/etc for a day, but can turn back into a human (or default furry) whenever you're done having fun. So, typically, it doesn't matter what the induction is.....but the file itself usually doesn't include a way to go back to human (either you revert by the end of a time period, or there's a trigger back)....and usually the file focuses on reinforcing changes.
  5. The Permanant TF files

    It just depends on the file and just depends on how receptive you are and how things stick with you. It's a very individual sort of thing/
  6. Print String "Hello World!"

    Welcome! I hope you enjoy your stay
  7. First time here

    Welcome Kiba. It's good to see you here! Hope you enjoy your stay.
  8. Well um, hi.

    :3 Welcome! I do hope you enjoy your stay here then.
  9. Greetings from the Ott!

    Welcome here to the site! I do hope you enjoy your stay here :3
  10. new zelda game

    I'm excited. Haven't been this excited for a game in a while.
  11. Me and a friend tried cheating at this game once by quick replying back and forth to each other.........unintentionally a lot of users were set to receive email updates from this thread by default.........and thus we destroyed the entire mail server by having it accidentally marked as spam...... woops <_<
  12. Hello

    Welcome Welcome. I hope you enjoy the stay here
  13. New Guy

    Welcome. I can assure you that we're all kind folk here and we won't bite (maybe nibble, but not bite :p). I hope you enjoy your stay here.
  14. Welcome here I hope you enjoy your stay
  15. Greetings from another new Member

    Welcome to the site It's a little quiet at times, but it's a nice place full of friendly fuzzies. I hope you have a good stay here, alright?