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  1. started to learn the guitar early but seems thats been lost in time.
  2. Furpiled is a very good one as suggested above
  3. I prefer indie games like space engineers
  4. Old School PC games like starcraft and total anihlation are fun to go back to
  5. Furry anime based films count just watched: The Cat Returns
  6. Why not the best of both worlds My fursona is an Foxtaur
  7. Well I got mine from here can come up with just about anything you want
  8. So i just turned and said "So Call Me Somthing Im Not"

  9. "Look, I know I didn't finish school but that frickin' says 'Sa ntah ah nah!" — Jeff Dunham

  10. Got ahold of the Fenton files and few others Excited already with new results

  11. 2 days untill i have access to the download section very exciting