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  1. hi

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    2. Alexander


      so how does this 5 day 5 post thing work?

    3. Sinclair Atomos

      Sinclair Atomos

      its on the TOS but basically, be active and ask questions, participate in the site, but yes did you read the terms of service?

    4. Alexander


      I kinda skimmed through it

  2. they said kitsune not vixen. lol. but yes given that it is my personal user title I would think that they mean me.

  3. time, space, transformations

  4. by who is talking about what and who when where why how?

  5. i think by vixen, they mean you

  6. im sorry i haventh been in contact in a long while

    wish to speak to you soon

  7. aww man i really fked up with parkoure < _ >"

  8. More likely Septette for the Dead Princess or Rise to the Moon, Immortal Smoke