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  1. If you're talking about what I think you are, yeah that was a nightmare to do. It also seemed to read in changes at the same pace as spoken text, so even if you did manage to change it during a session there'd be this all too obvious pause as it read through each change, silently. Was wondering if there'd actually be interest in a more modern implementation of it though. Could be a nice distraction.
  2. Varies wildly with real voices, some people's are hilarious, others were like rubbing a cheese grater on my ears, some are good. Text-to-speech tends to be fairly consistent, though not great. At least its tweakable, unlike a prerecording. Decent text-to-speech I feel could be the next big leap, for both this sort of hypnosis and in general. Sound files are comparitively huge for what they give; being able to TtS something would really reduce file size and allow for a lot more dynamicism and interaction.
  3. Granted, but its an iOS exclusive, freemium, paytowin, social game, that takes up all the storage space on your device. I wish for some potato wedges. I'm a little peckish.
  4. There are a few scripters and recorders around; it might well be possible to commission/beg/asknicely them to either make or adapt a file to red fox.
  5. The Muppets Christmas Carol Soundtrack. I have absolutely no idea why. If a tree falling in the woods makes the same sound as one hand clapping, then how many eggs to I need to break to change a lightbulb that always tells the truth? (Assuming I didn't leave it alone with the fox.)
  6. The cheapest, least functional one I could get: an Alcatel OT-222. It's worth about £5. And I got it at a discount xD I have slight fear of phones, not smart phones but just any phone in general. Horrible things. Have you ever scooped up pasta and put it into a slice of bread or roll to eat? (My family thinks this is weird apparently.)
  7. That sounds suspiciously similar to my experience. Unless there are multiple files linking to here on FA.
  8. You've got some red on you. *gestures to shirt*