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  1. Multiple Limbs?

    Intresting point and i agree i think that if u dont belive then u wont really see results
  2. So heres a question for everyone just something that came to mind in the late hours of the night, Has anyone had any experince with feeling other body parts then just a tail or ears? one example i could think up was centaurs as they have such a unique body shape well sorry for rambeling but just something that came to mind and wanted to know what people think
  3. This is intresting as ive got autism and adhd so alot of times its hard for me to just clear my head i might try some confusion inductions
  4. The Doctor Who Discussion Thread

    So seeing as this is the doctor who thread i might as well ask here, Ive seen bits and pieces of doctor who and i am really liking it so my question is what doctor should I start watching first any suggestions?
  5. Retro Gaming?

    I like to play some retro games now and again, snes, nes even gb and gba games always fun to do when u want to relax
  6. I have an ocarina and a guitar and a keyboard i can play on them a little But to say i can actualy play it good is a diffrent thing XD But i like just messing around with it n.n