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  1. im sorry i haventh been in contact in a long while

    wish to speak to you soon

  2. Hey, just dropping by to see how things are going. PM me ASAP.

  3. I started playing viola in middle school to get out of gym, for I was extra lazy back then (for some reason...). I actually got insanely good over the years, as all through high school the orchestra teacher refused to let me quit. I've stopped playing since then and started playing the sitar. It's kind of hard though, because it has to be played in the Indian heptatonic scale.. I always used to play drums at my friend's house before he moved away or died (I honestly have no idea what happened to him). As of late, I've been trying to get a drumset. A decent one is surprisingly expensive. So anyway. Viola - quickly forgetting Sitar - slowly learning Drums - all I need are drums