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    Video games, the Fun Forums, drawing, that feeling you get when you finish all your work for the day and you realize there's still time left in it and you feel all ecstatic on the inside (so.... so free time I guess), pizza

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  1. Looking after The Link of the Week

    Actually given how this thread was started and left unused for several months, we decided to close it up during a recent reviewing of site features. Sorry about that.
  2. Temp fix, but trying to get options from the page that the file produces on an iOS caused it to play on my end (pressing finger to general area for several seconds to get the options menu from it). Posting the screen I got when trying to get options from it, though we're still working on it.
  3. What is a tulpa? [CURIOSITY]

    Issue of the matter is that the forum has no level of support for the practice. The staff personally views it as an act with consequences we consider to be highly dangerous, especially for those already working through previous psychological issues, and don't want anybody getting hurt. Due to both past issues on the forum and the fact that as a psychological experiment the results cannot be spoken of with any level of certainty, the staff cannot endorse any pursuits involving tupla. You're free to look elsewhere, and popping over to Google you can find some good informational sites on them that are more prepared than we are. As things stand currently however, they are not to be brought up here, and if they are, we will continue to discourage their use.
  4. Fortunately - Unfortunately

    Unfortunately he's out of flour.
  5. Last To Post Wins 4 (2 Outside Japan)

    Huhwha? Sorry, shenanigans I was dealing with. What happened, whose dying now, which episode are you on? VOOOOLK. What did you do this time?
  6. Bad credit? No credit? First time buyer? First time baby? No legs? 8 legs? You a spider? Are you a spider trying to buy a house?

  7. Last To Post Wins 4 (2 Outside Japan)

    *grabs Palelija* EVERYTHING. The universe has been finished, time's purpose has been fulfilled, so we started it again.
  8. Last To Post Wins 4 (2 Outside Japan)

    *wipes water off, checking a few settings and nodding, slipping it back into his pocket* I repeat. My phone. You're free to mourn though.
  9. Last To Post Wins 4 (2 Outside Japan)

    Yeah ok. Someone get loony over there an ice cream cone. He knows how it works.
  10. Last To Post Wins 4 (2 Outside Japan)

    Listen, manic. Can I call ya manic? Here around the forum games, we laugh, we cry, we mess around, and we tell a lot of jokes. We also ask a lot of questions, and we also don't ask a lot of questions. That is NOT one of the things you ask about. *scans entire room and locks eyes with everyone else knowingly for a few seconds*
  11. FurMorphed's Friendly Q&A Game

    I'd say about... four or five years ago. Round the end of high school. Hypnosis came a little bit before furriness, I was trying to get a virtual reality file worked out (which I found as a recommended video on Youtube. Go figure). But mention kept popping up of managing and achieving hallucinations elsewhere at a site known as FurMorphed. I followed the link, and the rest as they say is history. Never did get the file to work, sadly, but I've since moved on to bigger and better things. What is your favorite and/or lucky number?
  12. Fortunately - Unfortunately

    Unfortunately it seems to have come down with an infestation of headcrabs.
  13. Last To Post Wins 4 (2 Outside Japan)

    He did not get hit by my phone, my phone has a restraining order on him, thank YOU.
  14. Last To Post Wins 4 (2 Outside Japan)

    Eh, probably out of stock. Knowing those guys they'll have another model out at... some... point...
  15. Fortunately - Unfortunately

    Fortunately I do, so here's a map. And the house of cards comes with lots of signs that I already sent a hero into.