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  1. The Doctor Who Discussion Thread

    I didn't understand a single word of that Shadow. And I have a hefty book on space-time.
  2. The Doctor Who Discussion Thread

    You know what, if you really don't like it, get out of the thread. Because as far as I can tell there are four people who like, or are perfectly fine with the new series. Four to one. Back on track, I honestly can't think of an idea for an episode. Nothing that probably already hasn't been done.
  3. The Doctor Who Discussion Thread

    ... no words. I'm just going to... not start an argument. I have versions of programs or like that I prefer over the other, but in the very least I try to be mature about it. I will just say that "lowest common denominator" is much more fitting towards game shows and reality TV. Doctor Who can't be that bad that you think it only appeals to dim-witted, TV addicted pre-teens. Argh, I sound like I'm trying to argue anyway. *shuts up*
  4. The Doctor Who Discussion Thread

    I'm well aware that I'll never win my argument. I've seen the way people talk about their favourite old series. (It's just how I talk of how the original Digimon series trump 5 and 6.) It's either a nostalgia thing, or a generation thing. The new series was written for the new generation - and "we" like it. The old series was written for the old generation - and "they" prefer it.
  5. The Doctor Who Discussion Thread

    Man, I think I know what you're talking about, but I don't remember a single word of it.
  6. The Doctor Who Discussion Thread

    BLASPHEMY SHYANNE. Well, not really. But it's still an awesome program. (No matter what the purists that only like the old series say.) Saw the latest Christmas Special recently. It was weird, and kinda sweet, but I was hoping for just a little bit of action besides a turbulent ship. Also I will agree that "Hello. I'm the Doctor. Basically, run." is an amazing line.