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  1. you dont ask about mayo thats not what you do with mayo

  2. Everything's swell for me! The FM photo is finally finished in case you haven't had a chance to see it yet.

  3. Hectic! Workwise! Restaurants! Buffalo! Aagh!

    You haven't seen me in even longer, now! Oh, god I'm tardy! How've things been?

  4. Haven't seen you in a while. ^^

    How is everything?

  5. Went to NY, went to Broadway, saw The House of Blue Leaves, met Ben Stiller. Good day.

  6. The Doctor Who Discussion Thread

    Speaking of writers, I knew instinctively when I sat down to watch it that Niel Gaiman would deliver, and boy did he deliver. Dat sexy blue box.
  7. English homework is to watch Blade Runner. SQUEE~

    1. Christa Mactire

      Christa Mactire

      Lucky. I have to do a research paper.

    2. JesseTV


      final cut or original cut?

      I've never watched the original, and the final bored me.

  8. The Doctor Who Discussion Thread

    I wasn't going to see the episode until Friday and now you've gone and made me all anticipatorialized! Must... must not... do want... but cannot...
  9. Vulpes! I sent you a PM but the thingy says you haven't received it. Just checking: have you emptied out your inbox? If you've got too many messages in there you won't be able receive PMs from other users.

  10. Yes!

    Yes you should!

    I am terribly offended! No words are enough to describe the magnitude of my offendosity! Hmph!

  11. Thanks ^^ I'm really happy that's everyone is so nice around here :)

  12. Dem brown wolves! A curious influx they be... we must be cautious. Welcome to the site!

  13. so I am a fool and forgot to drop by when I was visiting Ottsel last weekend, should I remember to in the future?