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  1. Misdirection Hypnosis

    I do not use inductions. I use triggers already in place to trance people as I do not know how to make an induction. I would love to learn how to make an induction though.
  2. Misdirection Hypnosis

    Well I got in touch with him off another Hypnosis forum a while back. I cannot remember which one. I asked him normal questions like if he had triggers and such. I told him I only hypnotize men into women then moved onto other things to have fun with like TFing them and such. He said he wasn't Gay and that he had no plans to be turned into a girl because to be straight as a girl would be to be gay as a guy. I told him he wouldn't remember such a thing, as I erase memory from those who wish it, and he said his mind would allow him to be turned into a girl.
  3. Hey guys I was talking to someone who likes being hypnotized but says transformations or gender changes only work if he is tricked into it. I know this is probably frowned upon but he welcomes being changed through trickery or Misdirection. He says if I can change him that way then it's fair game. Can anyone help me with this?
  4. Need help with trancing and stuff hope to see you guys on IRC