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  1. Anthromorphs or Transformation in VR

    All of the YES!
  2. What Games Are You Playing Now?

    Crusader Kings 2 & Rimworld. (the latter has a plethora of Furry mods and even a Werewolf one)
  3. Star Wars!

    I. LOVED. The Last Jedi!
  4. Recommended Hypnosis files?

    My favs are the Lucario and Anthro Raccoon files.
  5. Headphones?????

    If you have the luxury of being in an environment without anyone to overhear or would be disturbed and not too much background noise, speakers! But, I'm surrounded by both a ton of background noise AND family/college suite-mates that I need ear buds. Also, putting the files on my phone is convenient.