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  1. Spells?

    Hypnosis has some kind of real world backing, as in it's convincing your mind to perceive things that aren't actually happening. I don't think spells work in any realistic sense.
  2. Stay In Trance?

    I have the opposite problem. It's impossible for me to fall asleep during trance. So any kind of file where you are supposed to drift off to sleep and not wake up until the next morning doesn't really work. But I would say try to keep your mind focused on the trail of thought the hypnotist is taking you, and maybe try sitting up, or laying on your back instead of your sides or something
  3. It's pretty easy for me myself to tell if I'm sleeping, because I've only ever lightly been in trance. I stay pretty conscious throughout the whole experience. So if I fall asleep, I definitely know I fell asleep instead of went into some kind of deep trance. That said, the only HFO I've ever had (not that I remember having it) was when I fell asleep during a file, and then woke up several hours later with a wet dream. Not sure what to make of that.
  4. Human Voice or Text to Speech

    Female voiced>TTS>Male Voiced Although I like gay content, I really don't like the spoken male voice and it's almost impossible for me to trance to it. I use a voice changer to up the pitch of any male voiced file I want to listen to, but it's not perfect.
  5. Headphones?????

    I always trance laying down, so I prefer earbuds as headphones get in the way on the pillow. I imagine over-ear headphones are superior for sitting down, though.