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  1. Headphones?????

    I always lie down as well, but I usually don't find any problems using over-ear headphones. If anything, I prefer them to earbuds, especially since my sound output devices take a good bit of abuse and headphones have stood up to it better.
  2. Human Voice or Text to Speech

    I've tried female voice files and I've never been able to go under with any of them. Male voices, however, are usually successful at taking me under. My sample size isn't large enough for me to definitively say I prefer the male voice, but it's looking like that so far. I haven't attempted any TTS files, but my hopes are pretty low for resons that probably go without saying.
  3. Greetings

    I'll preface my introduction post by stating that I'm not that great at introduction posts... (._. ) I've been a lurker in furry and hypnosis forums for the past few years, though I truly got into it in the past year. I found this site through FA and was immediately interested, so here's hoping I won't fall into lurk mode here too.