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  1. Anime & Manga

    Don't really read manga, but I tried to read Ouran High School Host Club, because I enjoyed the anime so much.
  2. What Movies Have You Been Watching Lately?

    I love movies. My favorite is The Terminal with Tom Hanks.
  3. Fox transformation file on you tube

    Wait, are there hypnosis files that can't be trusted? I've never seen them...
  4. My cue that I fell asleep is generally if I wake up 3 hours later in a daze and throw my headphones off before going back to sleep.
  5. Human Voice or Text to Speech

    Text to speech is exclusively bad. Human voice, alternatively, is only frequently bad. Mainly because the person talking has no idea how to read a long form monologue. I know it sounds picky, but hey, you like what you like.