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  1. Don't mind me, just passing through...

    A friend of mine introduced me to the concept via some pony (MLP) hypnosis back then, I tried it for a few weeks and got some effect but never really wanted to commit to it. Since then my interest (in the ponies) has waned for the most part, but I still see the odd hypnosis post on FA that reminds me I could still try it with something else.
  2. Evening folks, or whatever works for your current time zone. As the title suggests, I'm not planning to get up to much right now but if the time calls and I get a chance to take up hypnosis again (I had a brief stint back in 2013 or something) I'll be here ready. Frankly I'm most interested in getting the 5(? Or however many) posts to unlock some uploaded stuff in the back end. This is a good way to do that, right? Until next time, T