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  1. Corrupt-a-Wish Foundation: Be Careful What You Wish For

    Wish granted but the people in power have no knowledge of how to do what they were put in the position to do, leaving everything in a more chaotic state than it once was. I wish the world of Digimon was real
  2. Anthro Or Feral?

    Anthro is more fun. Just feels better :D
  3. How Did You Find Furmorphed

    I found FurMorphed from RH-000 on fa from some of the files he posted. Really cool to see a little community of furs into hypnosis
  4. Hello there!

    I was one of those people too. Had a long interest in hypnosis and thought it was also pretty cool a little forum and community like this existed. Used to be a big supporter of MilesFerret on patreon back when he was making stuff before some life issues got in the way. Some fun stuff he has, really cool dude :D
  5. Stay In Trance?

    They had (believe it or not) when we started, classes on Secondlife. They would teach you techniques to help relax and clear your mind. Also learned some cool stuff about chakras and stuff like that. Which played into my love of rocks and crystals big time!
  6. Stay In Trance?

    For those having difficulty in going into trance, I HIGHLY suggest taking up meditation. It helps a lot with relaxing and clearing your mind enough to be able to slip into trance. Plus, it's super relaxing and helpful if you live a stressful life. Both me and my husband have taken up meditation with both of our careers being extremely stressful, it helps us both relax and helps me get better into trance.
  7. Is it ok to fall asleep during hypnosis?

    This is extremely interesting to hear, especially since I was not aware of it being possible to catch trance in sleep. I'm curious if those sleep bands can even pick up when you go to trance when you're not asleep. If so it might prove helpful for those wanting to increase their suggestibility to train
  8. Anthro transformation?

    I've had a few from a friend who does random anthro transformations. But they are pretty kinky and just go a little beyond the transformation aspect.
  9. Headphones?????

    Around the ear headphones are the best, in my opinion, cancel out the sounds of the background and really help you zone in on the hypnotist's voice. In the ear ones are helpful too with anthro or animal transformations so they kinda work canonically with anthro and animal ears.
  10. Human Voice or Text to Speech

    I'd say real voice, though it helps for the person who is doing the voice recordings know how to remove background noises. Plus a little experience in voice acting would be a help. Text-to-speech just sounds so bland and monotone
  11. Hola~

    Hello my fellow fuzzies! How is everyone? :D