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  1. Anthro Or Feral?

    Definitely anthro for 99% of the time. Very occasionally do I like the idea of being or playing feral and that's just for effect.
  2. How Did You Find Furmorphed

    Exactly the same way I found the site, actually... I'm really glad this place exists, though I wish it were a little more active... I'll do my best to not fall off the face of the earth and post occasionally!
  3. Hello!

    VR really adds an interesting set of possibilities to hypno. I'd love to see what starts happening with live VR sessions, or AR mixed in. Want to see yourself as your 'sona? There you go! The trick would be figuring out a way to carry it over to seeing it in reality...
  4. Corrupt-a-Wish Foundation: Be Careful What You Wish For

    Wish granted: Your mind has become a simplistic place dominated by instinctive drives and, oh look, there's a trainer over there with a high-level Venusaur who's eyeing you like the prize you are. I wish corrupt, selfish nutjobs had power over nothing at all.
  5. Is it ok to fall asleep during hypnosis?

    Oh, this is new information! I've never really known whether or not it was okay to fall asleep during trance, so... now I wonder how to keep from falling asleep with files which encourage deeper and deeper trance. Is it best to try and be reasonably awake when listening to files?
  6. Hola~

    Browsing around the site, finding a bunch of neat stuff. Different takes on ideas, questions I'd never thought to ask, and answers to questions I never knew I'd have. I like it here!
  7. Hello there!

    Hello. Was recommended this site by a 'tist friend and so here I am. Looks like a fun place, so I'm going to poke around and explore. Cheers~
  8. Hello there!

    Bias is not an issue as long as it's stated! Known bias can totally be accounted for. Yyyeah, this weekend was kind of a start of A Thing on Twitter, so there are all kinds of people gaining interest in hypno. He's worried about making sure everything is above board and people are only allowed to access his file after agreeing to ToS which holds him unaccountable... standard, sane stuff.