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  1. Corrupt-a-Wish Foundation: Be Careful What You Wish For

    Granted, but in exchange, they stretch a single, unqualified project manager across every project within the company forcing a development hell across all departments. I wish I finally got off my ass and started working out like I pledge every New Year
  2. Woah heck, g'day

    Intensely delayed response on my part, but a friend of mine pointed me this way ^^ Honestly I'd almost forgotten I'd posted here, it was fairly late at night >< A few interesting posts around so hopefully I'll be nosing around a little more often!
  3. Woah heck, g'day

    Like it says, how's it hangin folks. I'm here, want something to rhyme with here but don't wanna say beer because rum is better I'm never good at forum hellos, but fire away if you're curious about anything