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  1. Meow!

    Hiya! I'm Jeremy, but you can call me Jay. I've been into hypnosis mostly for the last year or so. I had brief prior interest many years ago when I found it on Second Life, but lost interest because I couldn't get it to work (it was a spiral with subliminal text, basically, which I've found doesn't seem to work on me). I'm not sure why I got back into it, though it's become quite an addiction as far as the kink goes. And at this point I think I'm also romanticizing the sub-fantasy (mind control) aspect of it as well. Personally, I do struggle with it. I've only ever used audio files and it's hit and miss, which after doing some research into it (that I didn't do the first time) I learned that it's actually a normal thing for some things to work and some things to not, depending on how they are done and who does it. I can get into trance after a while, but post-hypnotic suggestions don't seem to stick, yet. I think my ADD is a contributing factor there... and I also tend to only have time to listen before bed so I may be falling asleep before things can take hold. Anyway I'm hoping to connect with some of y'all cool people (despite how introverted I tend to be most of the time >_<), and expand my knowledge on the subject so that hopefully I can see more success with my attempts and make some hypno friends along the way. ^^;