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  1. What Games Are You Playing Now?

    There's a mod out for Portal 2 called Thinking With Time Machine. My GOD is it difficult.
  2. What Games Are You Playing Now?

    Yeah, that happened. :D I guess I have to go battle the Elite Four now? I haven't visited Kanto yet, but if I recall, I only do that after I become Champion?
  3. What Games Are You Playing Now?

    Continuing more with Pokémon Silver. The good: - Io the Eevee evolved into Umbreon :D - beat Clair on my second try; eighth Badge Get! The bad: - only just learned that the gift Dratini in the Dragon's Den is only available in Crystal, and not Gold/Silver. And thanks to my "only catch first species of Pokémon per area" rule, what did fate assign me to get in Dragon's Den? A bloody Magikarp. I want my Dratini! D:
  4. What Games Are You Playing Now?

    Continuing with Pokémon Silver. Current goal: Level up my team all to Lv.40 before I take on Clair (only got Sunny the Togetic (Lv.28) and Sera the Furret (Lv.34) that need to now). I'm pretty sure Io the Eevee is ready to evolve, but if only there was a better way to check a Pokémon's friendship than at the Friendship Checker in Goldenrod...
  5. What Games Are You Playing Now?

    Just regular Silver; NO$GBA can't seem to run SoulSilver without crashing after entering my name. Anyway, if you're wanting to stop the evolution, just make them hold the Everstone? That's what I'm doing with mine (make Eevee only hold it during the day; I'm ensuring he becomes Umbreon!). At first, I was confused as to why you'd want to stop evolution in the first place, but seeing as how it has to be nighttime for Eevee to evolve into Umbreon, that's probably the best use for it. I also think I've made a good decision by putting Beedrill in the PC and not having her in my main party; Aside from Fury Attack, the other moves she had were not just not that good. I believe Bug is meant to be the weakest Type overall or something like that? I grew up on Generation I and didn't really pay any attention to the other Generations, so my memory's a little hazy.
  6. What Games Are You Playing Now?

    Thanks to Twitch Plays Pokémon, I've decided to get back into the series, starting with Pokémon Silver. But, to make things interesting for myself, I've imposed some additional rules: I can't heal at the same Pokémon Center twice in a row I can only catch one Pokémon per area, and has it must be the first species I see. Also, I have to nickname every Pokémon I catch, so my current team is: Sunny (TOGEPI) - Lv.17 Ember (QUILAVA) - Lv.28 Rianna (RATICATE) - Lv.20 Max (FLAAFY) - Lv.20 Sera (FURRET) - Lv.24 Io (EEVEE) - Lv.22 Aldryn (BEEDRILL) - Lv.18 [PC] Abba (PIDGEY) - Lv.?? [PC] Tiger (SUDOWOODO) - Lv.?? [PC] Not quite a Nuzlocke Run (white-outs are allowed), but it's still a challenge: when entering a new Town, do I heal first, then go to the Gym; or battle the pre-Leader Trainers first, then heal? I'm only as far as Ecruteak City, and just have Morty to beat. From doing my research on what his team are weak to, the best three on my team are just Ember and Max. I've already got my Eevee. Planning on evolving it into Umbreon, but the whole "Friendship" mechanic confuses me. I know I can go to the Friendship Checker in Goldenrod City, but a simple statement doesn't mean a lot to me; I want numbers, damnit! As far as I know, Eevee's Friendship is somewhere around 50-99, but a little fine-tuning would be helpful.. also what does it have to be to evolve into Umbreon? I'm guessing because its Friendship has to be "high", I'm guessing ~200?
  7. How Far Away Are We?

    I think it's due to the poll and people casting new votes.
  8. Species?

    I've decided that the Corsac Folf no longer represents me personally. I suppose I'm a skunk now.
  9. Species?

    So, I've been a Corsac Fox/Wolf hybrid for close to 3.5 years, but for the last week or so, I've felt more identifiable as a skunk. o.O ..confused
  10. Species?

    Well, my fursona is a Corsac Fox / Wolf hybrid. As for question #2, (assuming that the other person is a furry) it doesn't concern me what species their fursona is. Everyfur chooses their fursona for different reasons.
  11. Species?

    I'm not sure I understand the question.