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  1. Stay In Trance?

    How exactly did you take up meditation?
  2. Anthromorphs or Transformation in VR

    I would love to see a first person TF. That would be pretty amazing
  3. I am going to start experimenting with subliminals..... Wonder how well that's gonna work.

    1. goldenkitsune


      from www.warpymind.com ?

  4. Spells?

    I didn't mean physically. I meant some people say "spells" work like hypnosis and I wanted to know how it works.
  5. Best YouTube hypnotists

    I'm going to rank my top three people who I use on YouTube 1. Jacqueline Powers- I have had many successful experiences with her. Her transformations are quite intense which is nice 2. Transformation Parlor- I have had small successes here but I love the role play style hypnosis. It is quite fun 3. UltraHypnosis- I have had a few successes here. He's pretty good for beginners.
  6. Some Worries

    That's good to know. I kinda decided to do it, and if it ever effects real life, to stop doing it. Thank you for the response.
  7. Favorite TF/Furry artist?

    Ik, I really like it
  8. Made a better profile banner :)

  9. Coming at you with the PKfreeze!

    Yeah I have decided to stop doing hypnosis for now.
  10. New cat checking in

  11. Headphones?????

    Oh thanks!
  12. Headphones?????

    Will wearing headphones hinder the hypnosis experience.
  13. Some Worries

    Did you ever resume hypnosis?
  14. 100 points for Earthbound reference.

  15. Spells?

    So something has been nagging at me for some time now... I have seen "spells" that turn people into animals (instead of regular hypnosis) and I was wondering what they were and how they work.