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  1. Hello everyone! My furry name is Nate. I would rather not say my real name. I am an anthro fox who enjoys Football and Hockey. I love video games (especially EarthBound) and I do really well in school. I have quite interesting story with hypnosis so here is my history: I never knew I was a furry. I never knew any of this hypnosis or transformation stuff existed till about April. In English class, we read the Odessey and we were on the part about how people turned into pigs. I thought it was pretty fascinating so I tried to find the scene on YouTube. In the "Play Next" section of the one video I was watching I saw the Transformation Parlor's Hippo transformation video. I watched it thinking "there is no way this will work" As I expected, it did not. So I researched it further and found out how it is an acquired skill and it needs practice bla bla bla. So I was recommended the Fox TF files from a friend. These sorta worked only in my head. I haven't had any visual success yet. Then my friend told me that I should become a furry. I had no idea what it was so I started looking it up online. That is the first time I have visited the FurMorphed website. I learned a bit about them and stuff So It became time to choose what species I would be. It came down to an anthro fox or anthro rabbit. I really like both of them but I stuck with the fox. I came upon this community in a rather unusual way. I was just looking up dream transformations after having a pleasant dream about transforming into a cat. Then I stumbled upon the lucid dream transformation. I started to read other topics and decided to officially join the family. Now, I currently am aiming for a dog. I am using a few different transformation channels. I am still an anthro fox but I always regret not being a rabbit. Sometimes I wish I could change. Anyway, I look forward to chatting all and posting my experiences with hypnosis. ADDITIONS: I keep my transformation/furry life completely separate from my family and IRL life. I really came here for a family to share this with. I hope yall will accept me and I can be a part of the FurMorphed Family!
  2. Will wearing headphones hinder the hypnosis experience.
  3. Welcome!
  4. I actually have been having some worries about hypnosis lately. As I am getting busier with training for sports as well as work, I am worried that hypnosis will effect those parts of my life (i.e. randomly transform into an animal while at work) I have been so worried about this, that I have not done any hypnosis in about two weeks I guess I am just asking for help in getting the courage to transform again.
  5. Did you ever resume hypnosis?
  6. So something has been nagging at me for some time now... I have seen "spells" that turn people into animals (instead of regular hypnosis) and I was wondering what they were and how they work.
  7. Thanks! I will have to give some of these a try
  8. After getting out of a normal hypnosis slump due to worries about IRL stuff, I will be trying for a dog tf. I will be using different hypnotists on youtube and I will try and keep up to date on who works the best

  9. Woo finally a normal member

  10. Yes. This series was the best
  11. What's it about?
  12. I know a lot of hypnosis files include full feral tfs but I was wondering if there was any for anthro. I like anthro more so I was just wondering how to be come one.
  13. Oh ok. thanks!
  14. Mine is definitely Kuma. I was wondering wat all of yours is.
  15. Where do I find the files here?
  16. I was just wondering if there could be a section used for support. Whether someone is worried about transforming or someone hasn't had success yet, a place where they could go to put their feelings out there and get feedback. I don't know it seemed like a good idea in my head.
  17. How did you get your banner thing?

  18. The first time I found FM was I was just looking through different means of furry tfs. Thenot I was looking up lucid dreaming stuff and found the one here. Then I saw the community and wanted to be a part of it.
  19. I am in it strictly for the transformations. I like the art work and I rarely roleplay. I found a fascination with hypnosis, which lead to the discovery and fascination with anthros which lead to the discovery of furries which lead me to here
  20. I came up with my species after a long and grueling process. I limited it down to a fox and a rabbit anthro. After days of thought (With a few personality tests to help) I decided on a fox. To be honest, I do regret not being a rabbit, but hey a fox is sweet I guess.
  21. Wait..... is that you in your profile pic?

    1. RubberDoggo


      Yes indeed! Hope that's not too risque for y'all. 

    2. PKfox


      I love your rubber suit. I think it is more realistic than half of the fur suits out there. Where did you get it??

  22. I usually play video games rather than watching movies. The last movie I watched was Alien Covenant
  23. "Hypnosis is as safe as sleep." Oren otter repeats this all the time. The only risk is having a bad emotional reaction like having a nightmare. AND they can't make you do anything you don't wanna do.